When I was little, my dad endured daily the hour or so commute from our home in Markham to his work in Brampton. His situation improved a little when he started working for the City of Toronto and was able to take the GO down to Union Station. Now, he has the luxury of working a few minutes from home, entirely bikeable, mostly walkable, and definitely close enough for a quick nap at home if need be during an hour-long lunch break.

Now that I am all grown up and working a job of my very own, I find myself mulling over this thing called the commute. I am lucky enough in my current situation to be able to bike to one of my workplaces, and though I could definitely bike to some of my supply calls, I continue to choose arriving by car over arriving a hot mess. Over the past year or so, I have met a wealth of wonderful people through work. One of the things I love most about chatting with my co-workers is learning where they’re from and where they live. It never ceases to amaze me how far some of the staff have travelled. When I ask them about their choices, it almost always comes down to the same thing – they love where they live, and work where they need, and it’s all about priorities.

I never thought I would be someone who could commute long(ish) distances to work, but my weekly commute to the Napanee area is starting to change my perception. Yesterday, I took my first ever supply call for the Napanee area, and I was able to make it there and back in under half an hour, happy as a clam. I still cannot fathom driving upwards of an hour, unlike these super commuters, but I might begin to consider something outside of the immediate Kingston area.

How long of a commute is too long for you?


When the years start to blend together

Remember how when you were nine years old, it was the biggest deal when you made it to double digits? And do you recall the sensation of counting down the days to your 19th birthday?

Well, as it seems, the older you get, the larger the interval between these milestones, and yet the spaces between them seem to be more and more similar. Your days and weeks run together as routine sets in, and you find that time flies by (isn’t is still February?…) . Something I’ve experienced this year is that when you are working, your concept of time is very different from when you went to school. As a supply teacher, I still have summer to look forward to and to anchor my year, but what about workers who do not have the extended summers that we have?

How do you keep your everyday fresh and exciting, and how do we remind ourselves that each day is a gift from God that we need to live to the fullest?