Office essentials

One of the things that Kelvin and I like most about our current house is that it has a study at the front. This is our workspace, our think space…and more often than not, our YouTube/Netflix space. Alas, like many other well-intentioned spaces, it is also often a messy space, full of paper and miscellany that make working at all a difficult thing. 

That changed this weekend.

Thanks to a trip to IKEA, family visiting, and a holiday weekend (time off!), we made this room just a little more functional. I cleared off my desk (finding a professional magazine from two months ago…along with a number of statements that needed to be filed), and assembled this:

Prior, we had had a tall bookshelf in this space. It was white, but it blocked a fair amount of the light, plus it was full of books that we didn’t access often. Our files sat lined up along the bottom shelf, making any sort of filing a pain. 

The solution?

We bought and built a white GALANT file cabinet system (SO great…other than the really tricky lock which we decided to not install after having read a number of horror stories). It also gave us a good surface to house our printer (which had been upstairs in our guest room for the longest time). Third, we mounted an ALGOT to the wall, complete with three shelves. Now everything is clean and accessible. And I’ll know where to find it all!


ikea through and through

today, kelvin and i finished assembling a few more of our ikea pieces. it seems that ikea has been our go-to place for furniture because of its price, its look, and its all around goodness :) the house is slowly but surely coming together!

we bought a torsby table to go downstairs in the dining room, because it just looks so sleek. it has these clean lines, and it’s made of glass and chrome. however, i will be honest that right now it looks a little awkward in the space. we still have the 90s wallpaper trim, these interesting pinkish marbled vertical blinds and we have yet to purchase any chairs…so i am using the stools that i used with the last table! once we pull everything together i will post a picture :) for now, you can take a look at this stock one on the side.

another piece we finished a few days ago was our white expedit. in our original plans, we had wanted two birch expedits to go in our study. however, turns out our study was smaller than we thought. so instead we got this cute little 2×2 expedit to put books and other fun things. right now, its main purpose is to give our new wall art a place to rest.

last but not least, we finally have a place to work! we are really proud of our new desk (vika amon top with vika alex drawers, one vika curry leg in the middle, and two vika oleby birch legs on the other end. that’s something i really appreciate about the desk solutions at ikea – they are so customizable for your needs and the look that you want. also, instead of placing the oleby legs the way they are normally positioned, we turned them outwards (mostly for aesthetic purposes). i was assured that the integrity of the table would not be compromised too much. however, i do have a curry leg supporting the desk in the middle, so if your situation is different, test to make sure this would still be safe! we bought an old mikael on kijiji a while back, and it fits perfectly under the table too.

we still have some little things to do (floating shelves, curtains, and the like), but it has definitely been a really good day!