If you look at the wall beside Andy’s change pad, you will see a number of curved marks on the wall. No, Andy has not developed his fine motor to the point where he can draw on the wall. Rather, he has a tendency to drag small toys along the wall while getting his diaper changed. Why are we giving him toys while he is getting his diaper changed? It is one of the only ways to stop him from flipping over and sitting up when getting changed. Alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated…

So the motoring continues, and we’ve found that we are spending more and more time playing on the main floor.  We have zero gates up on the main floor and three step/flights of stairs for Andy to choose from. We also have a square teak coffee table. Search for an ottoman has commenced. 
Weather was pretty nice this week so we were able to get out and about on walks. Part of me is hoping for a white Christmas, but the larger part of me is hoping it stays mild. 

Near the end of the week, Kelvin had a work meeting in Miami so we drove out to Toronto with him and spent some time being tourists in the GTA. More on that in a later post. 

As we draw to the close of 2015, I find myself thinking more about the new year. This has always traditionally been my time to consider goals for the upcoming year, and I’m also pondering what single word to use to encapsulate my direction for 2016. I’m populating my 2016 moleskine agenda with more nitty gritty now, and am looking forward to transitioning over fully in two weeks!

Last but not least, first episode of season 2 of Serial is out. We listened to it. And then we spent a long time googling Bowe Bergdahl. Looking forward to next week. 


Podcasts I love

I had never been one for podcasts or audiobooks, or AM radio. Perhaps it had something to do with my affinity for visual stimulation over auditory input. Friends kept raving about Serial and This American Life, but nothing really compelled me to give it podcasts a try.

However, that all changed when I stumbled upon Limetown earlier this year. I listened to the first episode and I was hooked.

From there, my love for podcasts has ballooned into something ridiculous. I share what I’ve been listening to constantly (probably to the dismay of many of my friends…) and every spare moment I get, I listen. The tedium of household chores – of folding laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, and washing dishes – becomes that much more bearable when I’ve got something interesting that I’m focusing on instead. I have podcasts playing whenever I’m in the car, and Andy and I have been going on some longer drives so that we can both enjoy more of the activities that we love (podcasts for me and nap time for him).

I’m still exploring the podcast world, but here are a few that I’ve been listening to regularly:

The podcast that started it all. Something mysterious happened in Tennessee that involved the disappearance of a few hundred people. This podcast follows Lia Haddock as she uncovers the story of what happened.

The Lively Show
My favourite podcast. Jess Lively hosts this show which is all about “adding a little extra intention to your everyday”. She brings guests on to talk about values, life, business, and pretty much everything I love. I actually didn’t enjoy this show when I first started, but Jess has won me over! Plus I emailed her a little while ago and she is such a sweet person to correspond with.

On Being
For the intellectually and spiritually curious. I’ve had On Being on my RSS feed for a while but never listened to their podcasts until recently. Hosted by Krista Tippett, this is a podcast that looks at Big Picture topics and makes me think a little more about what life does and should look like.

TEDTalks (audio)
Ideas worth sharing. Because who doesn’t love TEDTalks? I like these shorter segments that range wildly in topic and that keep me current.

Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast
Continually challenging me to live a more gospel-centered life. We have had nothing but good experiences reading Tim Keller’s books and we make it a point to attend service at Redeemer whenever our visits to NYC fall on a Sunday.

The Simple Show
A glimpse into what life is like for some really awesome people. Most of these people are people I’ve never heard of, but I love the content and the spirit behind what it is Tsh is doing in her show.

Stuff Mom Never Told You
For women navigating the world. This is a hilarious but also informative podcast that dives into a plethora of things to do with living, loving, and learning as a woman. They touch on so many topics that resonate with me, with (not so) occasional tangents.

I also haven’t finished Serial yet, so I’m in the process of doing that.

I’m always looking for new podcasts that might be interesting, and I’m trying to broaden my horizons and learn about fields that I normally wouldn’t engage with much, so would love some recommendations!