Madison Square Music

I know chronologically we are all over the place in terms of our posting. I still have yet to mention anything about the rest of our time in Nashville or the first few days in New York. Nonetheless, I have a few spare moments on my hands right now so thought I would mention what we’re doing! Whenever we travel, we like to check out free open air events. Like we did in Houston, Boston, and San Francisco. There is no shortage of free outdoor fun in NYC, but this time around we decided to check out the free concerts on the oval lawn at Madison Square Park. (Believe it or not, I’ve never been to this park – home of the original Shake Shack) Underground Horns is playing today, so I am very much looking forward to it. Brass bands never fail to impress. Something we didn’t expect to see here, though, were the masses of strollers. 23 that I can see from where I’m sitting to be exact. And most prominently, the uppababy g-luxe. It made me question our decision to get a Maclaren Mark II. But then I looked at our storage. And our sunshade. And I remembered that our stroller is the lightest one out there. And I was put at ease that we made the right choice.

  Anyways. Music is starting. Til next time.

Addition: So we found out that the series is called “Above Ground”, because they featured performers from NYC’s subways! So cool!


This girl likes to eat.

And by this girl, I mean me. I was working on our trip post this morning while anticipating the work that I would need to do on Kelvin and my adventure book, and I stumbled upon this series of pictures. To give you some context, we had just come from Momofuku Noodle Bar and had ordered the fried chicken. Due to a series of unfortunate events, we had to leave the restaurant before really finishing, but I was able to pack the rest of the Korean style fried chicken to go. I got hungry as we were waiting for the subway, so I thought I would just satisfy my craving with a single drumstick. In retrospect, this was probably very unladylike…though no one commented on it out loud.

a visit to nyc

over the weekend, i got a chance to travel down to new york city. i love new york city – for its vibrancy, its food, and its many sights and sounds. normally when i travel, i like to hit up as many tourist destinations as i can, but seeing as how i did that last year during thanksgiving, it seemed time for a change. also, travelling with kelvin’s family meant tons of shopping + eating.

uniqlo at 5th and 53rd

pretty much the first thing we did when we got there was subway to the new uniqlo global flagship store. it was a BIG store, and i couldn’t really find anything in it! the main focal point of the store was the massive escalator in the middle, flanked by walls of colourful clothing and lights. we paid a visit later on in the weekend to uniqlo’s soho location too (that family loves uniqlo). because we stayed in new jersey, we were able to do some local shopping as well at garden state plaza and the container store. i love the container store. it is an organization haven. we also ended up in the lexington and 86th area, where we all bought new shoes (but more on that later).

why are mini cupcakes so overpriced?

there is no shortage of delicious food in new york. every time kelvin and his family visits new york, they have their staples, but they also love to try new things. this time around, we reveled in the deliciousness that is shake shack and i got my very first taste of ippudo ramen, which they rave about all the time. i visited vancouver over the summer and went to santouka ramen, which i found delicious, but ippudo was definitely up there. and of course, we have our usual baked goods run. some cookies from momofuku (compost cookies!), little bites here and there in chelsea market, and our new find for the trip: two little red hens. this little bakery makes absolutely amazing “brooklyn blackout” cupcakes. seriously…try them.

who can resist a shackburger?

now, the best thing about travelling is that you never know what’s going to happen. this time around, our adventure came in the form of 5 inches of snow. and when i say snow, i mean wet, heavy, tree-snapping snow. new jersey was hit with a huge amount of precipitation just over the saturday we were there, and boy did that throw a wrench into the plans. combine that with us being unfamiliar with the bus route (we took the 167Q instead of the 167T back to Teaneck, and it stopped WAY too far from our hotel), and you have a snapshot of our saturday evening. picture if you will, four short figures with large bags (full of cookies from momofuku) trudging through snow along the side of a road in new jersey, improperly dressed for the weather, tired and cold. that’s us…as we trekked over the branch-strewn terrain towards the light emanating from our hotel. upon our return to the hotel, it was clear that new footwear would be necessary for the following day, since every inch of these shoes were soaked through and through. our search for shoes was originally supposed to occur at macy’s, but we found this other shoe store near shake shack (oh yeah…we went to 2 shake shack locations too…really liked to double up this trip it seems) and i bought my first pair of hunters! quite the hefty price tag, and i will pay for it over the next few months with an impossibly tight budget, but living in kingston, i think it’s worth it. rainboots are well worth it here. even kelvin bought a pair!

however, despite all the mishaps, the detours, and the unintended destinations, it was a fun trip. i still love NYC, and i can’t wait to go back yet another time.