Hello from hot and humid Houston! Kelvin is off at his work meeting, and Andy and I are just resting at the hotel. Yesterday was jam-packed, so the downtime is much appreciated. Plus it gives me time to make sure I’m all caught up on the courses that I’m taking.

A lot of firsts for Andy this week – his first long car ride (to Toronto), his first plane ride, his first time using his passport, and even his first baseball game! We have learned a ton this week about travelling with a little one and how it changes the way that we travel. Case in point, thinking that we could drive from Kingston to Toronto in 2.5 hours – big mistake. We didn’t even make it to Napanee before his wailing cued us to the fact that he might be hungry. Thus began a 45 minute pit stop.


One definite plus of having a baby while travelling – people love talking to you! And of course they always like to ask/guess what his age is. Estimates have ranged from 2 weeks (come on, he is totally larger than a 2 week old baby) to 4 months. I’m still terrible at guessing age, so usually I just straight up ask.

I’m not going to say too much about Houston here as the plan is to do an actual post on Houston, but if you are travelling with young kids, I would definitely recommend checking out the Children’s Museum of Houston. We went there yesterday (they have free admission from 5-8 every Thursday!) and were honestly blown away. There is so much to do there (for children from about 4 months on) and if we lived in Houston, I think we would definitely be there quite often. Also, go see the Astros play at Minute Maid Park. We ended up at a game yesterday rather serendipitously and it was honestly thrilling. What is it about sporting events, loud noises and really bright lights that make me feel like part of something bigger?


Well, only two more nights here for us, then a night in Toronto (during which we will host Andy’s 2 month-banquet…yes, it’s a thing…hard to explain) before heading back to Kingston. Perhaps we will catch some Victoria Day festivities upon our return.