Poetry + Theatre

I’ve got to be honest – I’ve never thought much about spoken word. That is, until I watched this TED talk.



Kelvin and I got back from NYC a few hours ago. As good as it is to be back, I find myself missing it. I miss the convenience and the buzz (even late into the night). I miss the oodles of culture and quirkiness in every nook and cranny. I miss the transit system.


But I think what I miss most of all is the way in which the city inspired me. It encouraged my creativity and it left me with a sense of wonder. Now don’t get me wrong – I love living in Kingston, and despite its small size, it is a wonderfully rich place to be. However, there’s something about New York that makes me dream just a little bit bigger. The few short days I was there, I wanted to capture everything I saw and sketch everything I encountered. I asked questions and posed solutions.

Now the big question is – how can I keep that curiosity up in Kingston? How can I continue to fuel this momentum and spark more ideas? Is the solution a daily regimen or maybe frequent conversations? I’m not quite sure. Either way, I know it’s something I don’t want to lose. And knowing that my imminent return to work comes on Monday, I hope this sticks around a little longer.