Andy is slowly getting back to his usual self. He has now traded his fever for a cold and his laboured breathing makes him sound like Darth Vader, but at least he is active and smiley once more. And he doesn’t cry when we put him on the ground. 

We are working on getting him to sleep through the night once more, so that has been its own beast. There have been multiple nights of some pretty wicked crying. In the last ten months, there have definitely been many moments in which I’ve been extremely frustrated and have turned to the Internet for help and solace, only to become more frustrated or confused. I looked up sleep schedules and they were all over the map. 

In other news, Andy now has 7 teeth, and when he bites you it hurts. Attempts have been made to get him to stop, but I think it is mostly exploratory right now so there isn’t much we can do. This also translates to him taking bites out of his food, which is really funny. Regardless of how small and item is already, he likes to take one bite first, just because he can. He has also made some progress in developing his fine motor skills in his right hand, especially when it comes to feeding himself. (But as you can see in the picture below, he still prefers his left hand…)

We’ve left the baby gate off his room more frequently since we are home and are watching him when he plays. The cutest thing is when he is playing in his room with me, hears Kelvin in our bedroom, then promptly crawls out of the room to find him. We may need to get some knee patches for his pants if this keeps up.  

On the home front, we took an Andy-less trip up to Ottawa for brunch and a visit to IKEA. We ate at Baker Street Cafe, which sadly we did not find as awesome as the hype made it out to be. I mean, there was a line for it. An out the door and onto the snowy Westboro streets line. We had a fairly successful time at IKEA, though, picking up a great new shelf that really changes the aesthetic of our main floor, a much-needed mirror for our front entrance, and a few other knick knacks. Kelvin also got around to treating our dining room table. 


All in all, it’s been a successful second week of the holidays. I’m looking forward to finishing some books and starting new ones, and to getting back into the groove of teaching by crafting a work plan for the remainder of the 2015/2016 school year.  

Hope your first week of 2016 was great!


New year, new resolutions

Happy New Year!

I’ve always been one for goals and planning, so you can only imagine how invigorating the end of the year is for me. I get to step back and reflect on the year. But even better, I get to set out new challenges and plans for the year ahead. I’ve been thinking about one phrase to encapsulate my focus for the year, and to take a page from Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (which I am currently reading and enjoying quite a bit), been creating a list of actionable resolutions. Recently, I came across this simple idea for creating resolutions as a family, which was too awesome to pass up. I don’t know if Kelvin will indulge me by participating, and Andy is not yet able to express coherent words, but nonetheless, here are my resolutions!


Start a new habit: drink at least a litre of water every day

Read a good book: Foster’s Celebration of Discipline (which I have been trying to get to forever) and The Third Teacher

Learn a new skill: Investing (and just general personal finance)

Go on a visit to: Upper Canada Village

Break a bad habit: sleeping late

Look forward to: attending this conference and this conference

Try something new: incorporate urban studies and design thinking into my teaching


If you look at the wall beside Andy’s change pad, you will see a number of curved marks on the wall. No, Andy has not developed his fine motor to the point where he can draw on the wall. Rather, he has a tendency to drag small toys along the wall while getting his diaper changed. Why are we giving him toys while he is getting his diaper changed? It is one of the only ways to stop him from flipping over and sitting up when getting changed. Alternative solutions would be greatly appreciated…

So the motoring continues, and we’ve found that we are spending more and more time playing on the main floor.  We have zero gates up on the main floor and three step/flights of stairs for Andy to choose from. We also have a square teak coffee table. Search for an ottoman has commenced. 
Weather was pretty nice this week so we were able to get out and about on walks. Part of me is hoping for a white Christmas, but the larger part of me is hoping it stays mild. 

Near the end of the week, Kelvin had a work meeting in Miami so we drove out to Toronto with him and spent some time being tourists in the GTA. More on that in a later post. 

As we draw to the close of 2015, I find myself thinking more about the new year. This has always traditionally been my time to consider goals for the upcoming year, and I’m also pondering what single word to use to encapsulate my direction for 2016. I’m populating my 2016 moleskine agenda with more nitty gritty now, and am looking forward to transitioning over fully in two weeks!

Last but not least, first episode of season 2 of Serial is out. We listened to it. And then we spent a long time googling Bowe Bergdahl. Looking forward to next week. 


Next Monday will mark the completion of Andy’s first month. He’s really starting to become his own little person, and every day I look forward to seeing all the new little things he can do (and all the funny noises he makes!).

So far, I’ve only posted pictures of Andy on his own, but here he is with daddy :) Kelvin is insistent on cuffing his pants. These being newborn pants, they’re more like cropped pants now. He’s also over 10 lbs now, so definitely putting on weight. I bought a nursing pillow that first week but Andy was not enthused about it. I might have to break it out again to avoid getting serious cramping in my arms.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It’s also starting to dawn on me that I’m nearing the completion of 1/6 of my maternity leave. Where does the time go?? I have lots that I want to get done in the next 10 months (really, in the next 8 months…) so I decided to crack down and put pen to paper with making my 2015 goals actionable. I split all the goals into subtasks and will slot them (and even further subtasks) into these beautiful monthly calendars.


I’ve decided to axe the the weekly top 5 list, and in lieu of that just point you to things of interest around the web and otherwise.  This week, a local store that I’ve driven past so many times, but only just ventured into this year. Hands down my go-to place for baby-related things. Through them, we started a baby wearing loan today to try out carriers; we are debating between the Tula baby carrier and the Beco Soleil. Verdict to come.

Goals for 2013

In my last post, I mentioned that I may or may not sit down to write some goals. Today, seeing as how I have not yet been called in to any schools to supply, I figured that would be a good thing to do. I have had goals float around in my head, but it’s nice also to have them on paper. Here they are!

– Pay off wedding entirely
– Replenish TFSA to $2000
– Open a joint account

– Organize an EdCamp in Kingston
– Begin an LTO
– Do professional reading at least every other day

Become a member at Bay Park
– Serve in the worship ministry
– Pray powerfully
– Initiate a mentoring relationship (this is a continuation of my goal from last year)

Write to my grandparents at least twice a month
– Be a good wife (vague, I know…)
– Swim at least twice a month
– Eat no chips or chocolate (exception made at weddings)

While we’re at it, let me update you on how I did with last year’s goals:

Financial (moderate)

  • Bring my TFSA to $5000 – COMPLETE! I literally just made it, with $1.26 over my goal as of December 31
  • Pay off all the financing I have – STANDSTILL… I did pay off all my outstanding financing from 2011, but we are now financing the roof
  • Take on the full mortgage by the end of the year – COMPLETE! And I am very happy with the low interest rate we have
  • Have $5000 in savings by year end – FAIL… I still have a little ways to go to reach this goal

Professional (good)

  • Keep an updated resume and portfolio – COMPLETE! This wasn’t too tricky. There wasn’t much to add to either
  • Attend 3 workshops or conferences – STANDSTILL… I maybe went to two?
  • Take an AQ course – COMPLETE! I now have Spec Ed Part 1 :)
  • Grow my Twitter PLN to 100 people – COMPLETE! And I hope to keep growing next year

Spiritual (poor)

  • Complete my bible reading plan every day – DISCONTINUED… I decided it was too intensive for me to do the plan again after completing it last year. Still, my devos were less than regular
  • Read at least 5 Christian books – FAIL… I probably read three, and started a fourth
  • Update my worship binder – STANDSTILL… I did update it some, but there are still many songs I am missing
  • Actively search for a mentor – STANDSTILL… This is a tricky one. I have hopes that this year I will be able to establish something more solid

Personal (good)

  • Buy a bike or a scooter – COMPLETE! And I cannot wait for spring when I can bring her out again
  • Bring my BMI down to 21.7 – COMPLETE! Thanks to my new bike, Joshi’s Holistic Diet, and my bout of tonsilitis -__-
  • Practice guitar regularly (at least 3x/week) – COMPLETE! I love playing guitar, though maybe I should try to play in keys other than E and G
  • Communicate with my family at least 2x/week – COMPLETE! For a while, I was calling my parents every day. I need to keep this communication up though

It is unfortunate that my spiritual goals did not fare well. Alas, I must remember the bigger picture, and keep pressing on. I have faith that this will be a better year.

goals for 2012

it’s that time of year again! here are my goals for the new year – as i accomplish them i will update or add more :)


  • bring my TFSA to $5000
  • pay off all the financing i have
  • take on the full mortgage by the end of the year
  • have $5000 in savings by year end


  • keep an updated resume and portfolio
  • attend 3 workshops or conferences
  • take an AQ course
  • grow my twitter PLN to 100 people


  • complete my bible reading plan every day
  • read at least 5 Christian books
  • update my worship binder
  • actively search for a mentor


  • buy a bike or a scooter
  • bring my BMI down to 21.7
  • practice guitar regularly (at least 3x/week)
  • communicate with my family at least 2x/week

saying goodbye to weekly goals

so for the past 6 weeks i embarked on an adventure of weekly goal setting. as we move closer to the end of 2011, i think i’m ready to start thinking about what i want to accomplish in 2012. it’s time to open the bag up again and plan on a longer-term scale. something i have learned is that it’s okay if you don’t reach every single one of your goals within the time frame that you set out. keep on pushing and working towards it, and you will develop the persistence and commitment you need to reach other goals.

accomplishing my weekly goal

this week, my goal was to decorate my house. i love to draw and be creative, but i don’t often use that to my benefit when it comes to furnishing the home. today, i really needed a creative outlet, so i thought it would be perfect to see what my little brain came up with. i ended up drawing two dual colour marker pictures. kelvin had 2 black frames that we had bought a while ago for another purpose, so we stuck them in there. i quite like them. hope you do too!

this is the first one i drew. it’s black and green. i think it’s my favourite of the two.

this is the second one. it’s black and blue. the lines are very similar, but the details are different.

weekly goals 5.0 – decorate the house

a lot of the time, i’ll see something really cool but really simple in a store or online and i’ll say to myself “i could make that”. more often than not, though, that something will remain unmade. this week, my goal is to realize my dream of actually creating something myself. i have three empty frames from ikea sitting in my living room, waiting to be filled with artwork. kelvin really wants me to recreate this alphabet poster from ikea, but i also have some other scribbles in mind that i want to do. we shall see how this activity pans out.

weekly goals 4.0 – don’t run any red lights

last week, i did really well with my goal to stop texting/using the phone/checking email while driving. it was sometimes hard not to make a call when i felt i absolutely needed to, but i did it! however, amidst my attempts to follow one law, i found myself cutting it close with another law – that of stopping at red lights. i know that when you drive in the city, it doesn’t matter how many yellows you run, because it all evens out in the end with the number of stop lights you encounter. however, being the aggressive driver i am, i don’t like to stop for lights. i came really close to endangering myself and others around me last week, so change needs to happen! this week, i will slow down at yellow lights.

weekly goals 3.0 – stop checking my phone while driving

this week, my goal is more about breaking a bad habit that already exists. especially when i had a blackberry, the desire to look over at my messages was unbearable. that little red light that went off whenever i got a next text or phone call or email beckoned to me as i drove. now that i have an iphone, it’s a little better. i managed to go a whole day today without reading emails during red lights, and i am finding that keeping my phone out of sight really helps. succeeding in achieving this goal will most definitely make me a better driver.