The Grit and Glamour of Air Travel

When you think about it, it’s unbelievable the distances that we can travel nowadays. Places that even a few generations ago seemed inconceivably far can now be reached by spending a handful of hours in a floating metal tube. But air travel isn’t all pretty – especially when you’ve been cooped up for 16+ hours. Here were some of the nice and not-so-nice moments from our recent flights.

Glamour: LOUNGE access complete with hot shower facilities, laksa and sesame balls. And lots of Andy-friendly food as pictured below. 


Grit: the state of once-clean bathrooms by the end of a direct YYZ > HKG flight

the baby set-up on Cathay Pacific, complete with bassinet, diaper care package, and baby food set (now if only Andy would actually sleep in the bassinet)  

Grit: questionable airline food. Especially when you see where it comes from in the galleys. 

Glamour: personal entertainment devices and catching up on fairly recent releases

Grit: having those same entertainment devices about 10 inches from your face because the person in front of you has reclined back so far

On the whole, our flight from Toronto to Hong Kong was quite smooth. Andy didn’t sleep all that much, but he was in really good spirits still. And I sat beside a really nice couple from Niagara who are chicken farmers and had a connecting 10-hour flight to Auckland prior to getting on a cruise. They were the best.



Hello from the Big Apple! After a few days in Music City for Kelvin’s work conference (no, he does not work for Cydcor…who also happened to have their conference at the same place) we are now in one of our favourite places for family vacation! We had a crazy early flight yesterday morning but we discovered that Andy is much better on morning flights than on afternoon flights. He slept lots and was very smiley. 

Also, for some reason, he didn’t poop the entire time we were in Nashville. I think it’s because it was crazy hot and he wanted to conserve. Now, we knew that when he finally decided to poop it would be a really messy one. But, we didn’t think he’d do it on the plane. Right after takeoff from Atlanta to JFK, I felt it. And then I smelled it. And that seatbelt sign couldn’t have come off soon enough. I took him to the bathroom (where the change table was a flat board that came down over the toilet) and braced myself for the job that lay ahead. It was a big one, and I ended up bringing a naked (other than his diaper) baby back to the seat because his onesie was no good anymore. Oh, the joys of parenting. 
Anyways, the week was spent in Nashville, and Andy was the prized possession. Instructors and staff from all over came to Kelvin and I, asking for a chance to hold him and telling us how precious (and how chunky!) he was. He took it all in, turning on his charm when necessary. Everyone enjoyed it. 

When I have the time, I’ll finish up parts two and three of our Nashville series, then commence with some posts from NYC. As Kelvin has intimated in his Instagram posts, we are reconsidering going this whole trip with just the carrier. Andy starts to get fussy in the afternoon and we end up carrying him. We may decide to buy an umbrella stroller today.

Well, we are currently on the ferry, waiting for it to depart for Governor’s Island. Never been before, but excited to visit! More later!
Oh, and one last thing – my sister introduced me to this game on google maps. Super fun.