Biggest news of the week – Andy is scooting! It all started with him refusing to be on his back while on the change table (which was a pain). Then he started tucking his knees under his body and inching forward like a worm. Clearly he was more interested in the Penaten container on the table than he was in being changed. I think it helps that the end of the change pad acts as a little ridge for him to pull himself forward. As troublesome as this is when I’m trying to put a clean diaper on him, we’re really excited that he’s transitioning with this milestone.

With that came a realization that I am just over five months away from returning to work.
And with that came a panic that I’ve only put Andy on a waitlist at one daycare centre.
So to remedy that panic, I’ve put him on the wait list of quite a few more daycares, and I can only hope that he will get accepted to one in time for my return to work.

Until my return, though, I will stay home and enjoy time with Andy and his little quirks and precious moments. Quirks like how he holds onto the sides of his carseat when we are moving. And how he tends to sing to himself in the car. And times like Sunday night when our small group was over and he wouldn’t stop laughing.


So this post is really late, but in all fairness, it was a really busy weekend. It was full of moving and entertaining and other little things in between. I’ve been reading Brit Morin’s Homemakers (really good for those of us who aspire to homemaking but have close to zero actual ability in the domestic arena), which contained a recipe for ombre cake.


I thought to myself, “Oh, we are having people over on Friday for desserts. This recipe looks so easy. I should totally make this cake!” Terrible idea. A baker I am not.

The process began around 9:30 pm the night before. I was prepared with my 3 jars of frosting and 2 boxes of cake mix. The mix called for 3 egg whites, but I could use the whole egg if desired and just add a minute to the bake time. I decided to take the lazy way out. That was my first mistake. It not only gave the cake more of a greenish hue, but it made the cakes too moist. That moistness was my next problem. When I tried to take the cakes out of the pan, 2 of the 4 layers broke. I figured I could fix it with frosting…

At around 2 am, I figured the cakes had cooled enough. The tops were still sticky to the touch (yes, a cake CAN be too moist), but I needed to go to bed, so I decided it was time to frost the cakes. Now, there had already been moments in the past few hours that I thought “Hmm, maybe this was not such a good idea.” The frosting process confirmed this. I thought that maybe I could mask some of the problems of these cake layers with frosting. Surely I could make each layer look flat by building up the frosting on the sides? Nope. My attempts at forming the cake into a perfectly cylindrical shape with frosting were futile. Tired and defeated, I put the bottom two layers, which I had frosted, in the microwave.

The next day, I decided to give the next two layers a whirl. Maybe this cake was salvageable? I put what was left of the third layer onto the rest of the cake. It essentially split on contact. I didn’t even bother icing it. Instead, I sat at the kitchen table and took a fork to cake. I probably ate more of it than I should have. It was a sad, sad sight.

As my belly filled with sugar and flour, I decided that eating away my sorrows  would probably just make me feel even worse. So I put what was left of my would-have-been ombre cake in the green bin. And there it sits, with 3 jars worth of coloured frosting.


I may try this cake again in the future, but I think I will try it with the assistance of someone who actually knows what they’re doing. I have some people in mind…

But thankfully, there is a (somewhat-related) happy ending to this story! Now that Andy sleeps through the night, I’m able to head to the gym after he goes to bed. Crucial, seeing as how daytime workouts have fallen to the wayside with a change in our babysitting arrangements. Today when I went, I found out that the long-awaited Fitness on Demand system was set up! I have all these fitness videos literally at my fingertips! I am hoping that the hour of power step that I got in made up for at least a portion of the amount of cake that I ate.

Onwards and upwards!



Happy Labour Day! 

It’s weird to think that I won’t be going back into the classroom tomorrow, but definitely excited for everyone (teachers and students like!) who will be. Maybe we will scope out the bussing situation in this neighbourhood. 

We did quite a bit of swimming this week. We went to family swim at Artillery Park and also met up with one of my friends from university and her two cutiepies while we were in Toronto for some backyard swimming. Andy is still not 100% comfortable in the pool, but he’s getting there!

While in town, we also went down to Ashbridges Bay for some beach time! There was such a nice breeze there and it made me realize why people love living downtown. Not having to drive back uptown after work and being able to just walk out to places like this might just make the insane house prices worth it. 


On the home front, our rug arrived, and we opted to put it in the living space rather than under the dining table. We need to get ourselves a nonslip mat to put underneath, though. 


I also learned a better way of storing my clothes thanks to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Now, we frequently order take out from this place in town called Little Kitchen, but we decided to try our hand at some Chinese home cooking. Made a few batches of Ma Po Tofu with the help of Lee Kum Kee and his many sauces. It was pretty tasty for our first go around. 

Also, the article I interviewed for came out this week. Now you can read all about Edcamp Kingston!

Kelvin and I are going out for lunch sans Andy. And then we may venture to Queen’s for some gear (because apparently Kelvin finds their t-shirts ideal for going to the gym). Is it a bad idea to do that when a few thousand frosh just descended on campus? Mm, we will see. 


This has been a really busy week! And Andy has become a very busy baby. He has suddenly decided that rolling is his favourite thing (second only to putting anything and everything in his mouth) so I need to watch him pretty much all the time.

Early in the week, we headed to Lake Ontario Park for Mom&Tots with our some ladies from our church. The Queen’s Barefoot Players were there as well doing a rendition of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Probably over the heads of most of the toddlers we were with, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So did Andy.


This Wednesday was Canada Day, and so we continued our annual tradition of going to Fruition Berry Farm for some strawberry picking! The parking lot was muddier than the field, but we were very happy to have our rubber boots on nonetheless. Kelvin was wearing Andy so he had a bit of a harder time with the picking, but we are still enjoying our harvest!IMG_0892 IMG_0897

Andy is also getting much better at sitting up on his own! He lasted in this pose for almost 6 seconds (as opposed to the usual 1.5 seconds)!


Then on Thursday we went to the Pan Am Torch Relay at Fort Henry! One of my coworkers actually ran a leg yesterday here in Kingston. What an honour!


Now, remember those berries we picked on Wednesday? I found this recipe for Strawberry Basil ice cream (the only two fresh food things we have an abundance of in our home right now), and used this method to make it without an ice cream maker! I definitely used too much of our ice cream mix so the consistency is weird. Plus I forgot to put the rock salt in with the ice before had everything nestled in, so my ice melted…but still! i am really happy with how it ended up. And now I have an idea of what we can do to make it better. I enjoyed it this morning simultaneous with #nt2t. Andy was still sleeping.

FullSizeRender 5

On a not so happy note, our little guy is starting to teeth. We need to get him more teething toys.

sister time

apologies for being MIA for so long! it has been quite a roller coaster here in kingston, but i am hoping to start posting regularly again.

i had a wonderful time the past two days with my sister, and i thought it would be nice to share those times here. even though we live in the same city now, we rarely get to see each other because of our conflicting schedules (and her lack of transportation). as she finishes up her reading week, it was nice for us to have some shared R&R.

the most used item of the night was definitely the magic bullet. my parents bought it for me for christmas, and i only just started using it a few days ago. this little appliance is so versatile! we used it to grate cheese (in mere seconds) for our pizza. here is our pesto pizza creation with spinach, onions, mushrooms, and chicken. we made another one with a tomato base, which i think claire and i both preferred. must be the sauce :P

we also used the magic bullet to make delicious smoothies. we three in some frozen blueberries, apple juice, blueberry yogurt, and half a banana. they were so delicious we made them again in the morning! another thing i love about the magic bullet is that it came with all these cool attachments. we have these flip tops that we used to take our smoothies out of the house today (we were short on time…as usual). they really thought of everything!

aside from all our eating, we played lots of wii (claire and i are only mildly competitive with each other), watched 50 first dates, and finished off by cardmaking into the night. claire brought over her scrapbooking/cardmaking kit to get started on her march birthday cards, and i worked happily away at some thank you cards for work. though claire and i are very different, this is one thing that we do have in common!

all in all, it was wonderful, and hopefully we will have another fam jam soon! my parents are scheduled to come up at the end of march break, so i am looking forward to that :)