I can’t believe it’s been an entire year. Our little guy has grown from a mere peanut to a full-on toddler. He laughs heartily, claps enthusiastically, and is curious about everything around him. He always tries to engage the people around him, luring them in with smiles and funny expressions. 

He has quite a few favourites these days. His favourite toys are his stuffies and his blocks. He doesn’t really like reading. Food wise, he loves peas, noodles, tofu, bananas, bread, and cheese. He enjoys going outside, climbing stairs, and watching the neighbours’ dogs play in the backyard. 


He also has quite a few things that he dislikes. Wearing hats. The end of meals. Getting strapped in his car seat. 

We celebrated his first birthday today with our immediate family, and I will hopefully get the post done by tomorrow. It’s been fun documenting Andy’s weeks on this blog, so here’s to 52 weeks of noticing big and little things about Andy. 

Happy birthday, little bug!




So I am happy to report that, for the most part, Andy is back to his old self. He still has a bit of mending to do when it comes to his tummy and his sleep, but he is happy again and crawling/climbing up a storm!


He has developed a few new skills this week, namely learning how to clap, and how to play single notes on the keyboard. There is still much full-hand banging on the keys, but every so often, he will stop and delicately tap a key with his index finger. It is often a black key. 

He is pulling himself down from virtually everything now, including our sofa and our bed, and we have to have our eye on him all the time. He has grown probably two inches (my mother in law says that this happens whenever kids pass the international date line?) and I think that makes this a lot easier. On the flip side, he can now reach even more of the things that he shouldn’t be getting into, and he can’t stand up under certain furniture pieces anymore. 

His first birthday is just a mere two weeks away, so planning has begun for that!

Letters to the Extraordinary

Today marks the end of my 23rd year of life, and the beginning of year 24. I am slowly moving into the “mid-20s”, but I have every intention of doing it gracefully. I am still young and lively, but filled with a slightly quieter, more pragmatic idealism (no, it is not an oxymoron). I anticipate many more new and exciting adventures in the year to come and I can’t wait to start married life!

Over the last year, I documented (for the most part) my daily activities, writing letters to ordinary and extraordinary things. I just finished up my last post here. I don’t have any plans for a new daily regimen, but perhaps it’s something to keep thinking about. Either way, it’s time to close one chapter of life and open another. To anyone else celebrating birthdays out there today, “Woohoo!”

Cards and Crop

Every last Saturday of the month, I am up “early” and at church by 9 am. Throughout the week, I don’t have time set aside to work on cards or Kelvin and my adventure book. However, on these Saturdays I am guaranteed coffee, conversation, and time. Precious time to work on these cards that I seem to burn through the other 30 days of the month.

Today was a particularly prolific session, with a whopping six cards created within a two and a half hour span.

We started off doing a “triple time stamping” card together, which I used one of my favourite stamps for. I may send this off to my friend Robyn who is in the UK.


After, I went on to create an engagement card for two of our friends who just engaged yesterday! One of the other ladies at Cards and Crop had a Pinterest board full of great card ideas and this one was inspired by a puzzle piece card I saw.


Last but not least, I took to the cricut to cut out some balloons for birthday cards, which I am really low on. I found the streamer celebrate card really strange but for some reason it is everyone’s favourite!


Last but not least, I will share one card that I didn’t make today but that I did mail this morning. Kelvin’s grandparents and many of his extended family relatives are coming to Canada for our wedding so I wrote them a little message in this Toronto-inspired watercolour card.


a weekend of birthdays

this weekend, i had the chance to head back to toronto to celebrate not one, but two birthdays! my cousin (who is really close to my sister and i) turned 19 on saturday, and my grandpa had his 80th birthday and dinner banquet on saturday night. as always, i love to exercise my creativity through the joys of cardmaking. here are their simple, but colourful cards.

birthday balloons!


circles and stitching

stitching and cards

this post is long overdue, but over the past little while i have been incorporating stitching into the cards that i’ve been making. this first one is a thank you to kelvin’s family for being so hospitable over the past few months. i made it to be a little file folder, with 5 different sections. the first section was a general thanks, followed by a personalized section to each of them. i even drew little caricatures of them doing their favourite activities!

here’s a better look at the different cards out of the folder. there wasn’t too much stitching in this one, just along the sides to keep the folder together.

this next card is for my grandma’s birthday! she loves flowers, so i decided to stitch this flower onto the card. i am still learning how to appropriately use patterned paper, but this is one of my forays down that path. it is a very simple card, but i like it. i wrote in both english and chinese on the inside, which made it look a little weird, but i am glad that i picked one language for the exterior.

because i love my grandpa :)

this is a really special year, because it’s my grandpa’s 80th birthday. he is a wonderful man who i admire greatly. he is a man of the word, a man of prayer, and a man of humility. that is a combination of qualities that is hard to come by, but he possesses them. he considers his worldly achievements of little importance (though there are a TON…including his international-level refereeing career which i only found out about a few years ago!) and dedicates so much to his family and to his relationship with Christ. in honour of his big day (and given the time i have been blessed with), i decided to make his birthday celebration invitation cards. apologies for the poor quality…i’m at my parents’ house and cannot find a camera…so i used my blackberry.

this card went through a few revisions…i started off with a completely different concept, but then this idea came to me. the circular symbol you see is the chinese character for longevity. the card on the far left is the original…where the character is actually split in half and you need to slide the card open (think chinese take out containers). the middle card is the same design, but instead of the half circles being on the outside of the card, they’re on the inside. i really liked this concept, but my grandpa thought it would be a little bit too troublesome to open. thus, we have the card on the far right, which is what i’ll be making.

this gives you a better understanding of how these cards actually go together. the one on the right is the original – so what you see as the top flap is cut halfway from the bottom and the bottom flap is cut half way from the top. they slide into each other so the card is really secure. the one on the left just uses a tab that fits into a slot i cut into the semi-circle. it’s much easier to open and close, but it doesn’t stay together as tightly.

anyways, i need to finish them tonight if i want to go back to kingston tomorrow night!