Office essentials

One of the things that Kelvin and I like most about our current house is that it has a study at the front. This is our workspace, our think space…and more often than not, our YouTube/Netflix space. Alas, like many other well-intentioned spaces, it is also often a messy space, full of paper and miscellany that make working at all a difficult thing. 

That changed this weekend.

Thanks to a trip to IKEA, family visiting, and a holiday weekend (time off!), we made this room just a little more functional. I cleared off my desk (finding a professional magazine from two months ago…along with a number of statements that needed to be filed), and assembled this:

Prior, we had had a tall bookshelf in this space. It was white, but it blocked a fair amount of the light, plus it was full of books that we didn’t access often. Our files sat lined up along the bottom shelf, making any sort of filing a pain. 

The solution?

We bought and built a white GALANT file cabinet system (SO great…other than the really tricky lock which we decided to not install after having read a number of horror stories). It also gave us a good surface to house our printer (which had been upstairs in our guest room for the longest time). Third, we mounted an ALGOT to the wall, complete with three shelves. Now everything is clean and accessible. And I’ll know where to find it all!


Minecraft Adventures: Part 1

Gaming and I have an interesting history.

I am known to have quite a penchant for certain iPhone games. And in Grade 9, I played Tony Hawk Pro Skater so much during my exam period that I got blisters on both thumbs. Needless to say, gaming can be a bit of a black hole for me. Knowing this, I am fairly wary of the sorts of games that I introduce myself to.

Earlier this year, I started teaching in Kindergarten. And it just so happens that in my class, there is a small group of boys who absolutely love Minecraft. They talk about it all the time, and much of their writing revolves around Minecraft-related stories. I had very little idea what they were referring to, so I thought I might download a demo of Minecraft just to get a feel for it.

I hadn’t read much in the way of tutorials, and from what I could see, I had been dropped into a random world with nothing but my bare hands. I started chopping away at things aimlessly with no particular goal in mind, and before I knew it, the sun was starting to set.

This is where it got terrifying.

If I had read some of the aforementioned tutorials, I probably would have built myself a shelter really quickly. Instead, I spent a good chunk of time running from zombies, creepers, fire people…I kid you not, it was frightening. I don’t know how some of my students are playing this. Unless they’re on creative mode…which I know they’re not, because they talk about creeper heads all the time. Needless to say, I died and respawned half a dozen times before I smartened up and built myself a very small 2 x 3 abode to stay safe. It was very simple. No roof, no doors, just walls. I had to let myself out the next day by knocking down the walls.

A few hours passed, and I developed a basic Minecraft foundation thanks to the Minecraft Wiki. I made myself my first home, complete with crafting table, furnace, and bed, and I set out to conquer this virtual world. Here are a few shots of my virtual home.

I do have two additional shelters, both of which were created because I ventured too far from my home and I couldn’t find my way back. However, neither are as extensive as my main home. I’m not entirely sure I can locate these homes again, as the map is really big, but I’m hoping I do find them. I died by falling too far into a hole in one of them, and so I have a lot of items sitting at the bottom of a pit. It would be good to reclaim those.