A few play dates for Andy this week, including lunch with his birthday twin! Andy and this sweet girl were born on the same day. She is lovely and demure, and has the most precious little cries. Andy is more of a rough and tumble type and so it took some time for them to adjust to each other’s very different styles. They had finger foods for lunch while we parents had Kelvin’s delicious barbacoa tacos and talked about Scandinavian culture, language, and how Manila and Colombia share more than a few similarities.

Andy also went sledding for the first time! We borrowed a sled from some friends who live in our neighbourhood (it’s like the olden days when you can walk over to a neighbour’s house to borrow some sugar!) and walked in circles in our backyard for a whole ten minutes. He had a blast. 

This upcoming week is a really exciting one as I am heading to Toronto on Thursday for a conference without Andy. Kelvin will be in charge of him for 48 hours and to say he is super anxious would be the understatement of the century. His hesitation aside, I know it will be great and that they’ll have a fantastic time. 


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