Manhattan Unfurled

Quite a number of years ago, I discovered Manhattan Unfurled in our local independent book store. Created by Matteo Pericoli, it is an accordion book with a pen and ink drawn skyline of both the east side and west side of Manhattan. At the time, I couldn’t justify paying $45 for the book. As luck would have it, I found it available for a deep discount when I was perusing at Chapters the other day. 

Kelvin and I love New York, and I’ve always loved architecture and illustration. This book captures all of that. Paul Goldberger writes a wonderful essay that is included with the book, which really encapsulates the essence of the drawing and what it communicates. Above the product itself, what I am most amazed at is the painstaking effort it took Percoli to travel the length of that island, sketching the big and small details he saw along the shores. He has since undertaken other similar endeavours, and I’m definitely going to look into some of his other works!



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