Tourists in Toronto

While Kelvin jetted off to Miami for 40 hours this past weekend, Andy and I had a chance to hang out with family and also see a few things in Toronto. Here are some shots from our escapades. 

Our original plan was to head to Riverdale Farm, but we drove by Evergreen Brickworks and decided to stop in there instead. It was quite quiet there, being a weekday, but the weather was gorgeous and we had no problem whiling away an hour. I’ve always really loved Evergreen’s mandate and we even considered doing or wedding there! (Alas the space wasn’t quite large enough for what we wanted) 

They’ve got a nice little trail and park behind the buildings and we walked around the quarry and ponds and up to lookout point. The nice lady at the information desk gave us a map of the trails in the Lower Don and we definitely want to explore that more in the future…perhaps on bike??

We then drove down to the Toronto Christmas Market! I’ve never been before so I was really excited to check it out. Perhaps it was my lacklustre bratwurst, or perhaps it was because I was too enthralled in conversation with a new friend that I was meeting for the first time IRL, but I didn’t find the market itself to really be that amazing. We were there on a weekday, so it was free, but I definitely don’t think I’d pay the $5 admission fee to bump shoulders with throngs of people on the weekend. I did have some pretty delicious smores donuts though from Uncle Betty’s Donuts. 

The next day we drove downtown again to do a bit of hopping around to fairs. We first visited the Foodie Holiday Pop-Up at Artscae Sandbox. We were only there briefly, but we had lots of samples and picked up some amaretti for my mother-in-law. Next we drove over to West Queen West for City of Craft, which was definitely one of the most amazing craft fairs I’ve ever been to. They had such a range of amazing artisans there and I wanted to buy so much. Like all the prints. From everywhere. After a short stop in to a presentation centre directly opposite where I parked (I am such a sucker for these!! I used to make up excuses to go and get floor plans when I was little so that I could fill them with furniture and dream about living there…) we stopped in to one last fair at the Gladstone, and then we were on our way. 

Not too shabby for just a quick jaunt in the city, I think. I’m heading to Toronto at the end of January for a conference sans-Andy and I am ridiculously excited for my one free evening. Weighing out options of what to do. 


2 thoughts on “Tourists in Toronto

    1. Hello Esther! Thanks for your interest. Are you referring to the last photo in the post? If so, that one was actually taken at City of Craft and not at the the Foodie Holiday Pop-up.

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