How not to hang art in your home

Kelvin and I love hanging art. We think it adds something personal to our home. We buy prints whenever we can on vacation. We have a weakness for local art. 

Last night, we decided to hang these prints, which I have talked about before. Normally we have no problem with hanging art. We frame whatever it is we have, wire it up, check for studs, and bring out the drill. We’ve hung a series of prints before, but this one was a little different, as we decided to position them heading up our staircase. 

We were pleased with the end result, but let me tell you – though there are three pictures up, there are definitely more than three holes in the wall. 

Here are some tips we should have heeded:

  1. After you mark out where you’ll be drilling, make sure you double check whether or not there is a stud. If you drill assuming that it’s drywall, you will find you have a hole much larger than is useful. 
  2. It is also helpful to use the right drill bit. I am seriously contemplating using nail polish to demarcate which bits are used for which nail sizes. 
  3. If you find yourself using a drywall screw, make sure that your nail corresponds with the right drywall screw. If you use too small of a nail, it’s not that big of a deal, just move up a size. But if you use too big of a nail, it gets caught and then your attempt to jam it into the drywall screw with brute force will result in a very large, almost shameful hole.

Thankfully, there was some room for error.  However, this would not be the case if we were doing something like a gallery wall. Thus, I am seriously reconsidering our idea of doing a gallery wall. 


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