It’s Andy’s first Halloween! We hadn’t thought much at all about what to do for Halloween, but then Kelvin said this morning that we shouldn’t waste the opportunity to dress him up! So naturally I consulted google images for easy diy baby costumes. This is what we came up with. 

It always cracks me up to hear what some kids will say when they come to the door. A little boy came dressed up in a Spider-Man costume and this conversation ensued:

Me: (as I’m handing him candy) Here you go, Spider-Man!

Little boy: (to his mom) Mommy she knows my name!

Later on in the evening as I opened the door to two older boys, this gem came out:

Boy: Oh, hey Kelvin.

Yup, a high schooler that Kelvin knows saw him sitting at our kitchen island. Hilarious. 

As for the past few days, it’s been pretty rainy. Plus Andy and I are both sick (including some wicked stomach flu on my part). So there has been a lot of indoor time. A lot of this time is spent (on Andy’s part) with this soccer ball. 


Early on this week, Andy and I headed to Toronto to visit my high school friend who had her baby just a month after I had Andy! We had dim sum, which neither of us can really get where we live (she lives in Utah). We also visited my brother-in-law in his new slice of sky. And we went to ikea. 

Biggest news of the week: Andy can now pick up Cheerios! His fine motor skills are really getting there!

It is such a joy to watch. 

Note, however, that he can only bring it to his mouth on the rarest of occasions. And he has yet to master letting go of said cheerio so that it ends up in his mouth.

He also got to eat spaghetti and meatballs this week. On the night that I couldn’t because of my flu. Lucky guy. 


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