Taking it all in

I came across this post today about one mother’s tendency to wish her baby grew up faster. I am definitely guilty of this. Even while on our trip to Europe, I found myself dreaming about what travel would be like once Kelvin and I were on our own again.

In particular, this quote stood out:

When my daughter was under 6 months old, I found myself wishing for time to speed up, for things to get easier, to have a little more predictability. And once that mantra was in my head, it stayed put. Hurry up and crawl, hurry up and walk, hurry up and talk, hurry up and wean. Anything to make it a little less difficult, more interesting, less time-consuming.

Andy is still young enough that I’m not looking back and regretting the moments I missed. I am thankful for this reminder.

Here’s to making the most of his childhood and soaking it in. Every single day of it.


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