So much motoring around this week! Mostly for this things that roll. 

Also, I looked back at the baby book I made for Andy before he was born. I have been TERRIBLE with keeping up with it. As in, I’ve neglected to record half his milestones. #momfail

I was going to preemptively create something similar for our next child, but I think we will need to do something different because clearly this is not a good system. 

It’s been really chilly lately, and alas our little guy has succumbed to illness. It’s always the hardest thing when your baby is sick because you just want to make them feel better, but nothing you do provides any consolation. I think we’ve gone through half a box of tissues. Even though Andy absolutely hates it when we wipe his nose. 

Biggest news of the week, it’s our first milestone Homecoming reunion year! Crazy to think it’s already been five years since we graduated. So much has happened since then and huge waves of nostalgia hit when I look through old pictures. “Look at how young and impressionable we were!” I think to myself. But of course, a statement like that will hold so much more weight at our 25th reunion…or when we get inducted into the Tricolour Guard. The goal is to snag a spot on one of those Queen’s golf carts for the half-time parade. Maybe when I turn 80?

Anyways, we celebrated by heading to the homecoming game (sadly we were crushed) and by sharing food and fun times with some lovely folks who came to visit!  


 If Andy decides to go to Queen’s, he will be the class of 2037 😳


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