While in Europe, Andy made his way into our bed every night. It was glorious to once more have our bed to ourselves. Plus I think he sleeps better when he has his own space. In fact, I woke up one morning to a view of him side planking in the monitor. It was pretty hilarious. 

Lately, Andy’s big fascination has been with tags. Tags on clothes, tags on his toys, things that resemble tags on anything we happen to leave around… Imagine what it was like when we gave him the little sheep he got when he was a baby that was FULL of tags? (For the record, he was really overwhelmed and decided eating the sheep might help to relieve some of the overstimulation). 

He continues to love this IKEA toy that he’s had for a while.   
When he was a baby, he could only lie underneath and flail his arms randomly, occasionally hitting those little wheels on the side and causing them to turn. As he got older, he managed to graze the hanging toys with the tips of his fingers. Then his arms got long enough to actually play with the toys, at which point he decided he wanted to use them to pull himself up. Now he just sits in front of it and alternates which toy he puts in his mouth. 

He’s also gotten better at playing by himself. 

And we’ve started him on meat! Though apparently we should have done this right when we introduced him to solids. My bad. He wasn’t too keen at first, but then he decided it was okay. He also takes his sweet time while eating. What used to take us 10 minutes now takes a full half hour. 

Now that he’s more active when he eats, we are constantly having to wipe his hands (or restrain them) during meals, less he smear whatever he has in his mouth all over his face. The worst is when he is also tired, and proceeds to rub his eyes with those hands that have food all over them. Yeah, not pretty. 


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