We are en route to the airport! Our little family is heading to Europe for vacation and for a wedding and we are really excited! All three of us are battling different levels of illness but here’s hoping it won’t affect our plans too much. 

The week was a bit of a whirlwind, and between packing and poor sleep routines, not a whole ton got done. One big highlight, though: on Saturday, I completed one of my maternity leave goals – to host a community initiative

It’s crazy to think that we are now in October (though some would say it feels more like December right now). There are so many things we still want to do, like go to the corn maze, and pick apples, and eat pumpkin pie. Time is a-tickin’! By the time we return, October will be half over, and Andy will be seven months old!

Lately, he’s been really intrigued by cause and effect. He loves banging on the keyboard, rolling his little block cart around, and just this morning, he discovered that he could tip the laundry basket over. His fine motor skills are really developing, and he’s picked up this weird habit of looking intently at his right hand while he draws circles in the air with it. WEIRD. But all the weirdness aside, he is still as cute and sweet as ever. That’s something I need to remember when I am running on very little sleep and he is crying inconsolably. 


Oh, also, we bought Andy a hat from Roots. The same one that Kelvin has. And that I have. Now we can all match. It’ll be cute come winter. 

Alright, must try to keep Kelvin alert at the wheel with riveting conversation. Next week, we will be posting from London!


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