A Personal Manifesto

There is something extremely powerful about a manifesto. The way it sums up one’s ideology and values. The way it calls others to action or to a life worth living. As I get older, and hopefully more mature, I find myself desiring to put into writing my vision, my values, my raison d’être. I want to sum up succinctly the things that matter to me, to construct a mirror with which I can reflect on whether or not I am living well. I’ve come across a handful of manifestos in the past little while, including this and this, and they inspire me to draft my own. 

Obviously, this is something that will take time, and more thought than I can give in just a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps this is good practice for me in the art of slowing down. I need to get my ideas down on paper, and distill then down to the most elemental priorities that I hold as important in my life. I know community engagement will be in there, and authentic faith. But beyond that, I am still finding my way. I need to look at the way that I spend my time, and the things that I consider most often. That will give me a true picture of what I value and what I do not. 

I want to write something beautiful, but also something strong. Something realistic, but also something that leaves room for growth. I want to be able to write it out and have it speak truth into my own life and the lives of those around me.

And now I turn to wikihow and huffington post for some steps on how to get started. 


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