It’s hard to believe, but Andy is six months old!! We celebrated his half-birthday with some bumbleberry pie and a visit with grandma and grandpa (both sets!). As we move into cooler – and today, wetter – weather, the opportunity has come for Andy to start breaking into his sizeable jacket collection. He wore his little yellow slicker today as well as his bomber once the rain let up.


This little bug’s teeth are also starting to show! He’s been having the occasional crying fit during the day due to the pain, no doubt, but those little whitecaps are really coming in. On top of that, he is eating an insane amount of food. Watching him lean forward and ask for more food is just another reminder that our little guy is really growing up. Our doctor said we can start him on meat and other iron-rich foods. It seems weird to puree meat like that though…

We’ve been trying to get out and explore the city a little more. Andy absolutely loves being out and about, so the other day we headed to the Agnes to see some of the collections there. It’s been quite a while since I last set foot in there! I’m hoping one day to be able to bring my class there for a week-long inquiry study.

Completely unrelated, when Andy is 4, I want to sign him up for the K-Town Kids Triathlon. How cool would it be to have a parent/child division like they do in California?


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