This has been one of my least productive weeks so far. Perhaps I need to move my goal calendar over from the old house…

The heat and humidity has kept us mostly indoors this week, save for that one morning we went out for an hour-long walk in our neighbourhood and returned essentially dripping with sweat. That day, I realized how great having interior access to the garage is. I rolled the stroller into the garage and took my time transferring things back into the house. Then I had a huge glass of water.


I continue to think that Andy quite likes it here. Or maybe he is completely oblivious and just likes playing with the same things that he’s always had. He’s developed quite a penchant for this pillow (see picture). Whenever we come down to the living room he needs to sit with it and pat it with his little hands.

This place is starting to feel more like home. In fact, this morning, inspired by this house tour on A Cup of Jo, Kelvin started spouting off all the things he wants to do in our home. Like paint the whole main floor ultra pure white (we do love our walls ultra pure white). And add subway tile. And open shelving. The list gets longer with each passing day.

Moving on.

Yesterday, we headed to our local library – if you have read any handful of posts from this blog you will know that it is one of my favourite places – for a puppet show extravaganza. Andy thoroughly enjoyed this, his eyes fixated on the bright little stage in the otherwise dark room. On our way out, the puppet animals were available for hugs (one of the stories they portrayed was “Who wants a hug?”) and Andy took a liking to the little bear. It was the only puppet he reached out to touch.

In the evening, despite the torrential downpour, we headed to Lake Ontario Park for Loving Spoonful’s annual Food Fiesta. Got myself a brisket sammie from The Big Smoke Food Truck. It was pretty delicious. I’d been meaning to check them out for quite some time.

On the topic of food, I’ve been off the new recipe ball for the past month or so, but this week we tried a few via Budget Bytes – this one for corn and zucchini tacos which we really loved, and this one for spinach ricotta pasta which was insanely dry. Maybe I used the wrong type of ricotta. Maybe the gas stove is making me want to cook more?

Also, something I’m really excited for: the first in a guest blogger series that I’m doing for our local conservation authority. I do find the bio description a little comical, though. Catherine is a Kingston resident, popular blogger, and mom. I don’t think I’ve ever introduced myself in that way before.

Anyways, next week is a busy one, and also happens to be the last week of August (WHAT). Fall is coming.


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