This past weekend we went to Ithaca to celebrate the start of a friend’s marriage. It was a beautiful, simple, and completely fitting wedding with a delicious, communal meal. We were surrounded by the best bounty upstate New York has to offer (quite literally, as the wedding took place at a farm) and unparalleled company. Kelvin and I are always thankful for opportunities like these, which inevitably will become rarer and rarer as more of our friends begin new family units.

We’d only been to Ithaca once before, about a year prior to this visit, and it was every bit as beautiful as we remembered. Last time, we walked the gorges, canoed to the farmers market, and ventured out to Taughannock Falls State Park to name a few. This time, we explored the new Ithaca Commons, visited the market twice (again), and enjoyed the AirBnB that we rented.

I think Ithaca holds a very nostalgic place in my mind. A “this is how towns should be” sort of nostalgia, with its ethos of stewardship and sustainability, where intellect and action coexist. Though small, it sets an example for many much larger cities.

Maybe part of it is that I see a lot of Kingston in Ithaca (or perhaps vice versa?), and I have come to love so much of what Kingston stands for. Either way, it made for a wonderfully relaxing weekend away from home.


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