So the big news this week…we are moving!! Due to a series of timely events, our little family will be calling a new (but also familiar) place home. The official move date is next Saturday, so we are really excited!

It’s surreal sometimes to think about all that’s changed in our little home and with our family in just under four years. I came across this old picture from March of 2012 – documenting one of our first attempts at personalizing this house (with some handmade art). This was before we got a nicer lamp, a lighter sofa cover, brighter pillows, and before we repainted our dining room!

2012-03-15 11.23.47

Even though we love travelling, it’s been so nice to once again be at home. Andy thinks so too. He is talking constantly now, and the number of videos that I’ve been taking of him has increased dramatically now that he does more interesting things. He is also beginning to develop an understanding of musical instruments (or so I think). I was singing and playing guitar for him the other day, and he would look at the hand that was strumming, then the hand that was chording, then my mouth. It was really cute seeing him do that. Have huge aspirations for him on the musical front haha.


I’m going to keep this post short as I still have to finish packing. We are heading down to New York state to attend a wedding this weekend (for which all three of us are super stoked and excited for!!) and I must capitalize on the fact that Andy is napping right now!

I will leave you with two things:
1) Earlier this week, I watched Tig on Netflix. Highly recommended.
2) Here’s Part 1 of a series of guest posts I’ll be doing!


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