Madison Square Music

I know chronologically we are all over the place in terms of our posting. I still have yet to mention anything about the rest of our time in Nashville or the first few days in New York. Nonetheless, I have a few spare moments on my hands right now so thought I would mention what we’re doing! Whenever we travel, we like to check out free open air events. Like we did in Houston, Boston, and San Francisco. There is no shortage of free outdoor fun in NYC, but this time around we decided to check out the free concerts on the oval lawn at Madison Square Park. (Believe it or not, I’ve never been to this park – home of the original Shake Shack) Underground Horns is playing today, so I am very much looking forward to it. Brass bands never fail to impress. Something we didn’t expect to see here, though, were the masses of strollers. 23 that I can see from where I’m sitting to be exact. And most prominently, the uppababy g-luxe. It made me question our decision to get a Maclaren Mark II. But then I looked at our storage. And our sunshade. And I remembered that our stroller is the lightest one out there. And I was put at ease that we made the right choice.

  Anyways. Music is starting. Til next time.

Addition: So we found out that the series is called “Above Ground”, because they featured performers from NYC’s subways! So cool!


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