This has been a really busy week! And Andy has become a very busy baby. He has suddenly decided that rolling is his favourite thing (second only to putting anything and everything in his mouth) so I need to watch him pretty much all the time.

Early in the week, we headed to Lake Ontario Park for Mom&Tots with our some ladies from our church. The Queen’s Barefoot Players were there as well doing a rendition of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Probably over the heads of most of the toddlers we were with, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So did Andy.


This Wednesday was Canada Day, and so we continued our annual tradition of going to Fruition Berry Farm for some strawberry picking! The parking lot was muddier than the field, but we were very happy to have our rubber boots on nonetheless. Kelvin was wearing Andy so he had a bit of a harder time with the picking, but we are still enjoying our harvest!IMG_0892 IMG_0897

Andy is also getting much better at sitting up on his own! He lasted in this pose for almost 6 seconds (as opposed to the usual 1.5 seconds)!


Then on Thursday we went to the Pan Am Torch Relay at Fort Henry! One of my coworkers actually ran a leg yesterday here in Kingston. What an honour!


Now, remember those berries we picked on Wednesday? I found this recipe for Strawberry Basil ice cream (the only two fresh food things we have an abundance of in our home right now), and used this method to make it without an ice cream maker! I definitely used too much of our ice cream mix so the consistency is weird. Plus I forgot to put the rock salt in with the ice before had everything nestled in, so my ice melted…but still! i am really happy with how it ended up. And now I have an idea of what we can do to make it better. I enjoyed it this morning simultaneous with #nt2t. Andy was still sleeping.

FullSizeRender 5

On a not so happy note, our little guy is starting to teeth. We need to get him more teething toys.


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