It’s so nice to see our little guy sleeping soundly again after a few nights of irregularity. Every morning, Andy will holler around 7 something to come into our bed (sometimes this is accompanied by a feed, sometimes it isn’t), then he will proceed to continue sleeping for as long as we will allow him to (usually an hour or so). We squeeze him into the space between our pillows for his post-feed nap, and have developed this habit of having a burp cloth under his head when he sleeps in our bed, because we never know when a stream (or fountain) of spit up will start flowing.


At the beginning of the week (and again today) I attempted to commence a routine of sorts for when Andy’s taking the aforementioned nap. Normally, this is merely an opportunity for me to just continue sleeping, but now I’m trying to use that time to have breakfast, catch up on my feedly, and just spend time alone. On the days that I’ve had enough sleep to actually enjoy it, it has been glorious.

On a personal note, this was a weird week in that my courses are all finished and Andy’s increased alertness means I have less downtime without him. I found myself playing with him for hours at a time, and subsequently pondering the things I should be doing to stimulate his development and sense. We go on walks frequently, and he has a handful of toys (most of which he ignores), but like all parents, I wonder constantly whether I’m providing the best environment possible for my little guy to grow up in.

Despite all this, I somehow ended up reading three books (one on inquiry, one on questioning, and one just for my own enjoyment). I also spent a lot of time this week perusing the internet, and stumbled upon this blog on parenting, this blog by a woman whose goal-orientedness I really appreciate, and this article, which made me feel better that some of my days are just lazy, spent hanging out and exploring the world with Andy.

It’s family Friday, so I’m looking forward to eating out for lunch. Not sure yet where we will go. Perhaps I can convince Kelvin to go to Gananoque. Oh, and this afternoon is the annual midwife picnic, so we get to see some of Andy’s baby friends, plus his wonderful midwives again!

Last but not least, here’s something I’m really looking forward to going to next week.


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