It was a weird day for Andy. He ate more than usual and wasn’t a particularly happy camper. It all started this morning, at our first official session of mom and baby yoga this morning. He protested almost the entire time (“I will not stretch my arms to the sky, but I will stretch my legs to kick you while you’re doing downward dog”). But all is forgotten now, as he sleeps peacefully in his crib. On that vein, some exciting news – Andy slept through the night for the first time this week! It was a little disorienting, actually, because I woke up on my own (not to his crying).

The big event of the week for this little guy was going to his aunt’s convocation! It was rather spur of the moment, but we had a good time (arguably, a better time than i had at my own convocation). I can’t believe even my little sister is done her schooling…

Now, we must confess. Kelvin and I are not exactly stellar examples of alumni. We don’t give to our school or attend chapter events…or stay involved in any way really. I mean, my parents have been ragging on me for the last few years to update my address so Queen’s will stop sending my alumni magazine to their place (I finally did this week, just FYI). But nostalgia has a way of creeping in as you get older. Plus, this year marks our 5-year homecoming reunion. And we have a special opportunity starting September to reconnect with campus. So who knows, perhaps we will find ourselves embedded once more into Queen’s life.

If Andy decides to attend Queen’s, he will be the Class of 2037…

Now most nights, Andy sleeps pretty late. Like 10:30 late. So yesterday we decided that it would be okay to bring him to watch daddy play softball. Andy seemed to show quite an interest in the game, so we hung out around the dugout until my DEET-less body could no longer take the mosquitoes. Bite count? Andy: 0. Mommy: 4


As for what’s going on in life beyond Andy, I finished another MOOC this week, and I don’t have any on the boards until July. So in lieu of that, I borrowed a whack load of books from the OCT library and am enjoying perusing through them. Plus I have made twitter chats a 3x/week event. Good times.

I am also really looking forward to getting these bracelets from The Jones Market (and perhaps another one or two in a different colour). I shall order them for delivery to our hotel in Nashville.

So it’s 10:49 and I am hosting book club tomorrow. We’re reading Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda and I am about 90 pages in (out of 490 pages). Looks like it’s going to be a long night…


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