Two Years


Tomorrow (June 2…it took me so long to write this post that tomorrow no longer applies) marks Kelvin and my two year anniversary. In the grand scheme of things, two years isn’t a whole lot of time, and yet so much has changed about who we are and how we exist together as a family.

Moving in together wasn’t as treacherous of an ordeal as many people made it out to be. We enjoyed not having to drive home at night after hanging out, and it was so nice to just be able to be in each other’s company more often. We were able to travel together more, and we got to see more of our city and our world. We’ve really settled into life here in Kingston and have each found our own niche in terms of connecting with our community. We settled into a new church where we’ve been able to really lay down roots. The biggest change over the past two years, though, was probably the introduction of our little guy. Andy has brought a whole new level of joy and responsibility to our lives.

In a rather spontaneous turn of events this evening, Kelvin came home with a case of Steam Whistle beer (we got married at the brewery, so he’s attempting to make this an anniversary tradition) and a proclamation that we should go out for dinner. We dropped Andy off at his grandparents’ (with a mere 2 oz. of milk…frightening) and headed downtown to Casa Domenico for an anniversary dinner. Despite being in Kingston since 2006, I’ve never actually eaten at this restaurant. Perhaps I was turned off by the rumours of it being insanely expensive (not true, btw).

This evening happened to coincide with the B.Comm. convocation, so naturally we were surrounded by young, fresh-faced graduates and their doting families. Kelvin and I spent a fair portion of our evening commenting on how people going into business just naturally ooze confidence. And is it just me, or do they tend to be better looking than the general populace? Maybe it’s just me…

I must admit, service was a bit slow. Even after the wave of grads dwindled. I mean, it took them a good 15 minutes to get a can of San Pellegrino. And they didn’t even have to open it until they got to our table. We consumed more than our fair share of bread and olive oil in the meantime.

Anyways, what did we eat? It’s always awkward ordering off a menu in a language with which you are unfamiliar, so I found myself referring to all the items by their English descriptions. I figured my chances of accurately pronouncing Salsiccia e Palate were slim to none.

To start, we had Silvio’s Polpette, or veal meatballs. These were delicious. They literally fell apart as my fork pierced them.


While we were waiting for these meatballs to arrive, we also saw a number of salads come out, and I guess the allure made its way to our stomachs. So we asked our server to put in an order of Pera con Gorgonzola, which was a salad with pears and spiced cashews. In my haste to consume it, I forgot to take a picture of it. I like all things with pears in it, and the spiced cashews were a really nice touch. It made me want to make bar nuts. I should make sure to find a recipe for bar nuts to make sometime this month…

For our mains, Kelvin got the beef tenderloin (aka Manzo) and I got the Gnocchi with Pork Sausage.


The beef was cooked well (medium rare is always the way to go), and Kelvin really liked this potato cake thing.


There was a generous portion of gnocchi, though it was a touch spicier than I had anticipated. The flavour was mostly in the pork sausage and less in the sauce or gnocchi. Still, I enjoyed it. The little cubes of bacon were a nice touch. I did, however, finish my dish with a little pile of green onions on the side. I should have asked them to hold the onions.

For dessert, we had the tiramisu, because you have to have tiramisu when you eat at an Italian restaurant. Again, I neglected to take a picture before consuming the whole thing. It was homemade, light, with a good amount of espresso taste. The cold from the cappuccino gelato was a nice touch. Granted, I usually find desserts overpriced, and this was no exception, but at least it was very tasty.

Overall, the food was good. As we were heading back to our car, Kelvin mentioned that he still prefers the ambiance of Le Chien Noir, where we celebrate most of our milestones. I’d have to agree. Nonetheless, it was a good dinner. And of course, no one can argue with $2 for parking. I love downtown Kingston.

Here’s to many, many more years of marital bliss :)


Casa Domenico / 35 Brock Street, Kingston / website  Click to add a blog post for Casa Domenico on Zomato


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