It has been a whirlwind since we returned from Houston, to say the least. Sunday night, shortly after we landed, Andy’s grandparents hosted a 2-month banquet for him (it’s a Chinese tradition that you hold either a 1-month banquet or a 100-day banquet, but I guess we just decided to aim for something kinda in the middle). The next morning, we drove back to Kingston, eagerly anticipating a return to our routine.

So much for that routine.

Maybe it was all the excitement, but Andy’s sleep was completely out of whack. The first night we were back wasn’t too bad, but that was followed by a night of him waking every 45 minutes, then a night of him waking every 15-20 minutes. I relented in the end and just had him sleep with me. Thankfully, he slept like a baby last night, returning to his 2 am and 5 am middle of the night feeds. Maybe the poor little guy just needed more sleep.


Today for our family time we headed downtown to Chez Piggy for lunch. It’s been a while since Kelvin and I have been there together (though we frequent their sister restaurant, Pan Chancho, quite a lot), so we thought that that, coupled with them releasing a new spring/summer menu, would be reason enough to visit. As usual, it did not disappoint. I had the open-faced oxtail gravy burger (yes, the gravy really tasted like oxtail), and Kelvin had the Reuben, which he told our waitress was the best Reuben he had ever had.

Andy woke up near the end of our meal, but he was calm enough (sorta) to give us a chance to head over to Minotaur. We’ve been hanging on to two gift certificates from the store (one dating back to 2011…) and we’ve had our eye on these Uncle Goose blocks for a while, so we picked them up.

(photo via pilot&capt.)

In other news, the May flies are now fully grown and an actual menace. They significantly decreased the enjoyment of our little stroll at Lemoine Point on Wednesday, and are causing us to move elsewhere for our walks, at least until the end of June. On the flip side, Kelvin was singlehandedly responsible for destroying at least a colony and a half of May flies on his way to Bath for his softball game last night. The front of our car looks atrocious covered with them.


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