Happy Mother’s Day 

It’s surreal to me to think that I’m a mother. I’ve had 25 years worth of Mother’s Days – Sundays of giving my mother handmade cards and crafts (some much better than others, I must admit), of brunches and dinners. All these years, I never really thought about the other 364 days a year that my mom continued to be a loving mother without recognition. 

Now that Andy is around, my mother (and MIL) are grandmothers. And there’s nothing that makes them happier than seeing their little grandson’s smiling mug. To celebrate, I decided to make them a little something to keep that little mug closer, which also happens to provide a good place to rest their own (coffee) mugs. All the tutorials I found online essentially brought me back to this post by Darkroom and Dearly, so I followed those instructions to create the Polaroid coasters for my mom and mother in law. 

We made them each a set of 5 (and ended up with a set for ourselves too as we accounted for potential mistakes) and they turned out quite nicely! The 4×4 ceramic tiles I got at Home Depot along with the little felt pads to put on the bottom. I was too cheap to actually spend money on mod podge, so I went to the dollar store (where I got the sponge brush) and picked up a bottle of glue, which I proceeded to water down at home (2 parts glue to 1 part water).

The whole process was very straightforward. I used sandpaper to scuff up the tiles just a tiny bit, then wiped the dust off with a tissue. I printed the pictures at Costco, cut them down to size, put the glue substance on the back of them, and pasted them onto the tiles. I used Kelvin’s old Target debit card (which we sadly will no longer need) and ran it over the photo to get extra glue out and so the photo would adhere better to the tile. I let it dry for quite a while and then proceeded to put another layer of glue/water over the whole tile. Let dry. Another coat. People had mentioned that they were able to see streaks from the mod podge, but perhaps it was because we simply used glue/water, we didn’t find them that prominent. What’s more, when we used the acrylic spray, any streaks we did have  disappeared. 

So all that was well and good. We let them dry and then brought them outside onto the deck for a coating of clear acrylic spray. Between coat 1 and 2, I heard a little patter on the window. In a panic, I rushed down to the main floor. “Please don’t be rain,” I thought to myself. It was rain. Kelvin was super helpful and bolted outside to collect up the coasters. I had a little pity party for myself as I wiped the beads of rain off the now somewhat sticky coasters. After spending time (unsuccessfully) googling the effects of getting water on such projects, I brought them outside again (under the porch this time – why didn’t I do this the first time) for a second coat. When they were dry, I added the felt pads at the bottom, and all was well. 


Last thing – we packaged them up nicely with twine and a homemade tag. Happy Mother’s Day!


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