We are closing in on two months!

It seems we have completely skipped spring, and have moved straight from winter to summer. No matter! It means Andy gets to rock some pretty cute shorts (or no bottoms at all) :) Daily temperatures in the 20s are preparing us for Houston, but we are lucky to have some semblance of a breeze here. Thinking that will not be the case in Houston.

...or no bottoms at all

Lots of fun for us this week. We went to mom and baby yoga this morning, which was a new experience. Not so much actual yoga haha (I mean, I did do a few folds…) but it was definitely nice to meet some new moms (and to see some other mom friends again!). Thinking I will be back! I also returned to the regular gym this week. Felt like I was going to pass out during power step and discovered that I have almost zero core right now -__- Hoping this postnatal workout will also assist in some way to get me back in shape.

So, we have moved up again in diaper size. Hoping that will reduce the blowouts. According to our scale at home he is closing in on 14 lbs. What a kid. Glad that we have other friends who are expecting so we can pass along the diapers that he has already outgrown!

Last but not least, my sister loves making videos. They are awesome. Here’s one of Andy and his antics.


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