I feel like we are soon hitting the point where it’s weird to count Andy’s age by weeks, and instead we should make the transition to months. That being said, this week was marked with a number of other milestones as well.


First off, we said goodbye to our wonderful midwife, and are now under the care of my family doctor. Going with a midwife during this pregnancy was probably the best decision we made. One of the major reasons we decided to look into midwifery was the postpartum care. I’ve been prone to ups and downs in mood, and figured I was a pretty strong candidate for postpartum issues, so the post-pregnancy follow up was key for us. Our midwife came to see us every other day for the first week or so, and she was always on-call. More than one phone call was made to her with me in tears as I struggled with this whole breastfeeding thing. I will not hesitate to go with a midwife again when we have our next child – maybe they’ll even assign us to the same midwife!

Second, we got Andy’s passport today. Timely, since we are heading on our first family vacation to Houston in less than two weeks. I’ve never been to Texas before, so I am definitely looking forward to it. Something that I like to do before we travel is spend some time on google maps getting a lay of the land. I must say, it has been quite difficult doing this with Houston – it’s so big! I’ve also been checking the forecast every day, and so far it is looking like we will be greeted by thunderstorms. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some nicer weather so we can enjoy all the outdoorsy places that Houston has to offer, including Hermann Park and the Houston Zoo.

Lastly, I can’t believe it’s May already. Lots to look forward to this month. Here are a few things:

  • Jane’s Walks (for Jane Jacobs) are happening this weekend, and I’m looking forward to checking out the local walk at Barriefield tomorrow.
  • Sunday I have book club and we are discussing The Fault in Our Stars (I have much to say about this book…)
  • Google for Education is hosting an online conference next weekend that I am excited to participate in. Woohoo for technology and how it makes PD so accessible!
  • The Tett Centre is hosting their Arts Expo that same weekend and I am looking forward to picking up some local handmade goodies!

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