I have a distinct memory of being younger and wondering why baby clothes was so much cheaper than the clothes I was buying. Now that I’m a parent and needing to buy said baby clothes, I realize two things. First, baby clothes is not always cheaper (in fact, some prices seem ludicrous for how much material the item is actually comprised of). Second, some babies outgrow their clothes in a matter of weeks, making the cost-per-wear less than impressive

That being said, we did some shopping this week. We will be heading to warmer weather in a few weeks for a short vacation (with some business for Kelvin), so it gave us an excuse to peruse baby clothing. Our local Gap store is also providing an additional 50% off all sale items, so needless to say, we spent some time there today.

We bought Andy some swim trunks, and this little rain jacket for under $25.

I got something for me too :) Plus I’m loving their summer collection.

In other news, I was able to attend two twitter chats this week – #leadupchat this morning at 9:30 am EST and #whatisschool on Thursday at 7 pm EST. Both highly recommended for other teachers out there who want to be challenged, inspired, and encouraged in their practice. This week’s #whatisschool chat featured Justin Hardman (@jahardman), director of 21st Century Learning International (@21cli) as a co-moderator, and they randomly selected yours truly as the winner of a free ticket to their annual conference in Hong Kong! What a privilege to be able to learn with educators not just in NA, but in Asia and across the globe! Kelvin and I are going to try and make it work :)

Anyways, my step count has been low the last few days, so I’m going to take the little guy out for a stroll. Head to our local Costco for more diapers. Speaking of which – how do I know when he’s ready to move up in size?


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