As much as I love doing laundry and breastfeeding all day (not really), it’s hard for me not to have something tangible to work and progress through. Thank goodness for MOOCs, and for sites like Coursera and edX. I have thoroughly perused their offerings and have signed up for a number of courses.

I am nearing the end of a self-paced course on getting organized and being a Together Teacher. I blazed through this one, and enjoyed the things that I learned throughout. However, I found the quality of the peer-review comments to be a little lacklustre, because there’s zero accountability.

This past Monday, I also started an 6-week course on Teaching and Assessment of 21st Century Skills. I am more optimistic about this course as it’s more regulated, and already I’ve learned some great things. I’m looking forward to the depth that I anticipate I will be able to get into with this course.

More courses to come in July and October!


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