Has it really been two weeks?

My parents and sister returned home this past Sunday (March Break is only one week), leaving Kelvin and I to get to know Andy a little better on our own. Daily, I have been getting texts from them with requests for photos, and mentions of how much they miss Andy. Something Kelvin and I didn’t entirely realize was the effect that Andy would have not just on the two of us, but on our immediate family. We see qualities and emotions in our family members that we’ve never seen before, and it’s so nice to see the way that they pour out their love on him.

Though we are far from having any semblance of a hard and fast routine, we are starting to find a rhythm. For the most part, Andy likes to be fed every 3 hours or so, and he is usually content to sleep between feeds. He’s been alert a little more the past few days, giving us time to enjoy his cuteness in a waking state. We’ve been out and about almost every day, and I’m learning that he absolutely loves being in the car. Just like me! Both of us can pass out in the car almost instantaneously.

We have been making a concerted effort not to introduce Andy to any screens or tech, but it seems we have a harder time pulling away from it. I actually discovered this app last week and found it to be immensely helpful at the beginning of the week for tracking what Andy is doing and whether he needs to be changed/fed soon. When you download the app, you get a 14 day free trial of the features, and though I originally thought I would pay the $5.49 to make the trial version permanent, I became all too aware of just how much time I was spending glued to my phone because of it. I would document every diaper (including colour and texture of any BM), every waking moment, every feed…I have now reverted to just keeping one of our boogie boards with me to jot down times of when he feeds, and a tally of diaper contents. “Low tech” for the win.

Now, on to this week’s top 5:

  • reusable nursing pads – I hear this happens to most women, but it seems that my body is tuned to produce milk whenever Andy cries, resulting in less than uncomfortable dampness and stainage on my clothing. I just picked up a few sets of these to use, and they’ve been serving me well. I couldn’t imagine how many disposables I’d be going through!
  • our car seat cover – it’s supposed to be spring, but alas the snow can’t seem to stay away. With how often we take Andy out, we couldn’t imagine toting him around without something to keep him warm and toasty. We like this one in particular because it goes over the car seat bucket (as opposed to into the car seat itself), allowing us to still keep his 5-point harness buckled nice and snug around him.
  • a goal and something to look forward to each day – it’s very easy for days to blur together without setting some sort of priority for the day. I reverted from my phone calendar back to a moleskine agenda this year and it is proving very helpful in keeping me productive each day
  • leftovers/freezer meals – I was super ambitious on Sunday and planned out our meals for the week. Alas, we had maybe 2 of the meals…neither of them on the day they were assigned. There were definitely days during the week that we did not feel like whipping something together, and were immensely thankful to have food that we could just reheat and enjoy
  • whatsapp – for my family to receive real-time Andy updates…among other things. Nothing like technology to keep your family close haha

Andy’s features are definitely more pronounced this week (he is less of a crying blob) and he is on the verge of learning to smile while awake (he smiles all the time when he’s sleeping…weird kid…). I must get better at taking (not grainy) pictures of him.



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