Colouring with Kool Aid

I must confess – I’ve never had Kool-Aid before.

However, anyone with a pinterest account knows that there is no shortage of crafty things that you can do with Kool-Aid that doesn’t require consuming it. I had originally purchased two packs of Kool-Aid powder in order to dye easter eggs. Alas, that didn’t happen, so they’ve been sitting in our pantry for…a while. Inspired by the beautiful dip-dye stationery here and here, I decided to take some time this morning to make some dip dye cards!

It also started with some card stock and a few packets of Kool-Aid.

IMG_7211 - Version 2

I put some amount of the powder in a container , then added water. In retrospect, I would totally have used plates instead of these small snack boxes.


I dipped and dragged them through the liquid (which gave off a very artificial, not altogether pleasing door), then laid them out to dry. Note: use thicker paper so you don’t lose all structural integrity. I experimented firstly with just regular printer paper and it ended poorly. Also, it was GOOS (good on one side) paper, so I totally saw everything that was printed on the other side.


I got bored of just dipping the cards, so I grabbed a cup and used the rim to make some more interestingly patterned cards too.


After all this fun, I laid another piece of paper towel over top, set some books over top to flatten them out, and waited for them to dry.

I must say, the final product did not turn out as well as I had hoped. Perhaps my powder to water ratio was off, or perhaps I dipped it too long in the liquid. A lot of my cards didn’t quite lose the wave that you get when you wet paper, and I wouldn’t feel  comfortable actually giving most of these cards away.

I did enjoy this one card, though, in which I used the dip dye not so much as a design, but as a canvas for creating my own little scene.


Perhaps one day I will try this again with liquid Kool-Aid concentrate and see if I get better results.


5 thoughts on “Colouring with Kool Aid

  1. Omg! I LOVE that “wherever you will go” design! So beautiful, so creative and so you :)

    It’s a little disappointing what you said about the “wave” remaining in the paper. Have you tried a heavier watercolour paper? I have some at home and I’ll try to bring it when I come up so you can try!

    And Kool-Aid does not taste that great… You are not missing out lol :D

    Love reading your posts!! Keep ’em coming! :)

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