Some exciting news! Last Friday, we welcomed this little guy into the world and into our family. We call him Andy :) He was a pretty big baby, but I am infinitely thankful that my labour was short and that we aren’t too far from the hospital! It has been an emotional week, fraught with ups and downs (thankfully more ups than downs), and I like to think that we are starting to settle into life as a family of three.


Leading up to Andy’s birth, we did what we could to prepare, and we sought advice from a number of people that we trust and respect. One of the things that people continued to tell us was that we should take all the help that we can get. I found that to be immensely true in this first week. Just so happens that this week was March Break, so my parents and sister were able to come down to spend time with us and with Andy, and to help out. I honestly could not have imagined what it would have been like if Kelvin and i had had to do this all on our own this first week. The morning of Day 3 came with a particular weepiness, and my parents were gracious enough to watch Andy while I stayed upstairs, simultaneously crying and attempting to sleep.

Even in 7 short days, so much has happened and changed already with Andy. He has developed some considerable neck strength, rolls around in his crib, and his been sleeping longer and longer on his own (he was in there so long today that I decided to take him out for a feed because he hadn’t eaten in 6 hours). He also went on his first outing last night – back to Queen’s campus so that we could attend an alumni night at the Christian fellowship we used to belong to while in undergrad.  He was so good and slept the entire time! Here’s hoping this calmness is a sign of things to come :)

Anyways, here’s to yet another attempt to post more regularly (I’m aiming for once a week), and a list of the top 5 things I learned or could not have lived without this week.

This week’s Top 5 (in no particular order):

  • support – family, friends, whoever you consider your network…you will want to have them around! It is during weeks like this that I am really thankful for Kelvin and just the patience and care that he has
  • soak items that baby spits up on ASAP so that they don’t end up stained
  • this crib – we have a mini crib in Andy’s room, but we also bought a Nuna Sena Mini as our travel crib because we have quite a few trips planned this year. Our original sleeping arrangement was that I was in Andy’s room with him while he slept in the crib, but it proved difficult. Instead, we move the travel crib up to our room every night (during the day it’s in the living room) and that allows me to keep an eye on him while still being able to sleep in the master with Kelvin
  • big swaddle cloths – Andy quite likes being swaddled, and it allows him to be in the crib nice and warm without blankets. Our favourite right now is his bamboo muslin swaddle cloth from Lulujo, which is big enough that he doesn’t break out of it too easily, soft enough that it doesn’t irritate him at all, and light enough that he doesn’t wake up in a cold sweat
  • this wrap – A friend of ours gave us her sleepy wrap (now rebranded as Boba wrap) and it is fantastic for when I want to do things around the house, or when we take him out. Andy feels really comfortable in it, plus it keeps my hands free!

And here’s one last picture of Andy doing what he does best…



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