A Lack of Punctuality

So…the little guy is almost a week late. I must say, it never occurred to me that an expecting mom might experience emotional pressure (on top of the physical pressure hah) from having more time before baby arrives. Perhaps part of this is due to the seemingly endless amount of downtime that I have right now. I feel like I have literally done everything I can and am reading books voraciously. Everyone has been telling me to rest and enjoy this last little bit of peace before baby, but I must say, it is harder said than done!

Today, though, I did get a chance to spend some lovely time outdoors. Every so often, I head to Lemoine’s Point Conservation Area – it’s free and pretty close to where we are. Usually I go in the summer or fall via bike, but since it’s winter, and biking clearly is not an option for me right now (plus I have a flat…I should fix that…), I decided to drive over for a nice stroll. Ventured down a new path today and even met some friendly deer!



There were quite a number of other people out on the trails as well. People with dogs. People with cross-country skis. People with food for animals. They were all very friendly, and it dawned on me that many of these nice folk come almost every day! Perhaps the little guy and I will join them for a daily jaunt :)

Anyways, keeping these fingers and toes crossed that I won’t be pregnant for too much longer.


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