Living on One Dollar

Living in North America, we often forget how fortunate we are to be in our current situations. We have clean, running water. We have food and shelter. We often have stable sources of income, and most of us have a means to make it through each day. But for so many people in the world, that is not a reality.

Kelvin and I have a bad habit of watching Netflix through dinner, and today was no different. It was a very fruitful time, though. Instead of watching Top Gear or Friends or Once Upon a Time, we watched this documentary called Living on One Dollar. The notion of wealth has been at the forefront of our minds lately – our church is going through a sermon series on it, we are reading multiple books around the idea of wealth and living a more radical life, and it just seems to be a pervasive topic of discussion – and so it seemed fitting that this caught our attention.

The documentary really held our attention, and it made us think long and hard about the luxuries that we have, and the means that people have to go to make ends meet. We were introduced to these amazing individuals who, despite making around $2 a day, have such big dreams and big hearts. They love each other and their community, and give so freely of the little that they do have.

I’ll be heading off on maternity leave in 3 weeks, but this is definitely something I want to introduce my future classes to. I want to look at poverty and micro financing and encourage my students to think bigger. Beyond just their own personal experiences and the daily problems they face.

And of course, with all of this comes the question…what can I do to help?


Research and Reviews

Happy new year! It’s hard to believe that it’s 2015 already. It seems like not that long ago that people around us were stocking up on food and water for the Y2K scare (remember that?). Anyways, 2015 is a big year for us, because our family is growing by 1! Our baby boy is due at the beginning of March, and we couldn’t be more excited. We are looking forward to getting to know him, and slowly but surely, we are doing what we can to prepare for his imminent arrival.

Normally, Kelvin and I are planners. We like to know exactly what we are getting into (me more so when it comes to travel, and him more so when it comes to purchases). For some reason, though, we have been hesitant to read up too much on preparing for baby, as we know there is a ton of conflicting information out there. Recently, though, it has dawned on us that baby will be arriving inĀ 2 short months, and we better be as ready as we can be. We finally haveĀ more than 2 things on our registry, and all our big pieces are either here or on their way. I’m hoping that throughout mat leave I’ll have a chance to post and write out my thoughts on the things we’ve invested in.

Our current debate is what type of bottle to get for our little buddy. We are leaning towards glass with a silicone sleeve and are probably going to go with LifeFactory bottles. I like that they grow with our baby and that we can use them well beyond the first few years of life. Anyways, more to come!