Year End Surveys

Tomorrow is the last day of school. It is surreal to think that I will have made it through my first year as a home room teacher. It’s been a truly rewarding experience, and I’ve been blessed to have had such wonderful students and a wonderful team around me to work with.

The end of the year is always a time of reflection (more so than any other time…though of course reflection should happen frequently). In order to hear what my students thought of the year, I had them fill your some surveys as to what they enjoyed about the year, what I did as a teacher that was effective or not effective, how I could better help them. I really appreciated that my kids were candid with me, and I intend to take all of those comments to help me frame the next year that I have with them.

These were some of the things that came up repeatedly:

the good
– organization
– neat classroom
– teaching a variety of strategies to solve problems in math
– pushing and challenging students
– the real game (a pathways planning tool/simulation where students were assigned a profile and learned real life skills including budgeting)

for improvement
– pacing – I move too quickly and students can’t keep up, especially in math
– more one-on-one support
– assessment – my students want clearer expectations, and more feedback, more often; they also want overall grades (whereas right now I provide rubrics and assign marks in each category)
– consistency of assignments and making sure students have enough time to work on them
– making the probability unit count

That gives me lots to think about, and also shows me that I need to be more creative in the way I plan and deliver my lessons. Lots to think about and do over the summer but I am very excited!


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