The Versatility of Stamps

This morning was once again Cards and Crop at church. I’m always excited for Cards and Crop, and today my plan was to get working on our next adventure book. Alas, that did not happen, since one of the ladies leading the group showed us this AMAZING technique that makes stamps look like watercolours. Let me explain.


All you need are some sponges and your stamp pads. I opted for a sunset look, so I chose red, orange and yellow.

Next you want to mask an area for the stamping to happen. I just took a piece of white paper, ripped it in half, and used double sided tape (which I fiddled with lots to make it less sticky) to adhere them to my card. Then I started at one end with a solid red, fading it out as I went. I then added the orange, and faded that into the yellow.


I removed the masking papers, added some candles and a handwritten sentiment and voila – a birthday card!

Here are some others that I made.


I even created a rectangular mask and used it to make this funky thank you card.


All in all a dry productive morning. I see many more ink gradient cards in the near future…