Cards and Crop

Every last Saturday of the month, I am up “early” and at church by 9 am. Throughout the week, I don’t have time set aside to work on cards or Kelvin and my adventure book. However, on these Saturdays I am guaranteed coffee, conversation, and time. Precious time to work on these cards that I seem to burn through the other 30 days of the month.

Today was a particularly prolific session, with a whopping six cards created within a two and a half hour span.

We started off doing a “triple time stamping” card together, which I used one of my favourite stamps for. I may send this off to my friend Robyn who is in the UK.


After, I went on to create an engagement card for two of our friends who just engaged yesterday! One of the other ladies at Cards and Crop had a Pinterest board full of great card ideas and this one was inspired by a puzzle piece card I saw.


Last but not least, I took to the cricut to cut out some balloons for birthday cards, which I am really low on. I found the streamer celebrate card really strange but for some reason it is everyone’s favourite!


Last but not least, I will share one card that I didn’t make today but that I did mail this morning. Kelvin’s grandparents and many of his extended family relatives are coming to Canada for our wedding so I wrote them a little message in this Toronto-inspired watercolour card.



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