Dim Sum in Kingston

For its size, Kingston has a great amount of ethnic food. One cuisine that this city sucks at, though, is Chinese food.

This morning, after a few hours of garage sale-ing, Kara and I were famished. We were originally going to go to Dong Nai for some pho, but instead we ended up trying this new place on Princess called Dim Sum Kingston, right next to Izumo.

Today was their grand opening, and Kara and I were literally their first customers ever. We ordered five items: sticky rice in lotus leaves; fried squid tentacles; egg custard tarts; shrimp rice roll (cheung fun); and a fried tofu with mixed veg dish.

Our initial thought was “this menu is way too vast”. If I’ve learned anything from watching Restaurant Takeover, it’s that you need to pare down your menu. There really shouldn’t have been “Canadian food” offered at this restaurant.

Anyways, the first thing to arrive was the shrimp rice roll. I ate it before taking a picture, but I would describe it as being mediocre. It was clearly homemade and they used the wrong soy sauce. Not the greatest first impression but I still had hope.

The next thing to arrive was the fried tofu mixed vegetable…except they got the order wrong and have us tofu and minced pork. We sent it back and they apologized profusely. When it did return it had great “wok hay” – literally steaming hot from being in the wok.


This was where we started to notice a bit of a decline in the communication between waiter and kitchen. None of our other items had arrived yet. A little later, our squid tentacles came. They were quite delicious – a little tempura-like rather than deep fried. (We learned later their deep fryer hadn’t arrived yet) They do get points for service though – the tentacles were on the house.


Other than us, there was one other party in the restaurant. Many of the things they ordered were unavailable, such as the congee and pretty much anything deep fried. A nice thing happened while we were there – the couple from next door at Izumo came over with some grand opening flowers. That was very neighbourly, and made me want to go to Izumo.

We sat for a while longer, wondering where our egg custard tarts and sticky rice were. After about 15 minutes we asked about egg custard tarts (we decided to leave the sticky rice as we were pretty full). They ended up bringing us mini red sesame buns which I took back to share with Kelvin’s family.


In summary, they forgot two of the five items we ordered and mixed up one of them. I have some faith that they will get better once they’re in business longer. Maybe I’ll visit again in a month.


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