Dining in Style

This past week, Kelvin and I made some pretty significant changes to our dining room. Despite my hesitation, we decided to paint our dining room “ultra pure white” (yes, that is the name of the paint colour, and yes, Kelvin did feel like we were getting ripped off a little because it’s the factory colour).

It didn’t start off very well. The first coat we applied looked terrible, and I was seriously doubting our decision. Alas, we have gone to far to go back, so we journeyed on.

Now, our dining room wasn’t terrible to begin with, except for the ugly blinds and horrible trim. However, we are proud that it is now coolly minimal and much more in line with our personal design aesthetic. Oh, and it brightens up our whole main floor. Next step – fill that large wall with something typographic or abstract :)

dining room

What do you think?

You can read about the experience from Kelvin’s side of things on our joint blog.


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