App Love: Toshl

I am someone who needs to keep track of all my expenses. When I was in university, I kept all my receipts and inputted everything into Excel spreadsheets with colour-coded cells. Then for the longest time I was using, waiting patiently for them to come out with an app. That never happened. But thankfully, I learned about Toshl, and have been using it faithfully ever since.

What I love about Toshl is that it is so easy to use. I can input an expense straight away after my money is spent, and I can also set recurring payments, which I do for same-amount monthly payments. I can make my own tags and write notes for later so I know exactly where I spent the money.

You get extra functionality with Toshl because you can also manage it on your computer. You can take a look at how you’re doing this month compared to last month, and what you tend to spend your money on. Plus, it’s all cute and colourful, which makes me like it that much more.

The downside is that I can only input one income and one budget item every month (unless I pay money to upgrade to Toshl Pro). I don’t worry too much about the budget component – as long as I am in the black every month and have money put aside for savings, I consider it a successful month. As for the income, I get away with it by changing the income total with every influx of cash I receive, then documenting it in the notes where the money is coming from.

If you are looking for an app to keep track of your expenses, I highly suggest this one. I predict Toshl will be in my life for quite some time, and hopefully it can become a part of yours!


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