My First Ever Craft Show

A few weeks ago, the organization that I work for held a staff craft show. I’ve never been in a craft show before, but I figured it would be a nice way to sell some of the cards I’ve made and to share something I love to do. It was a lot of fun (though I was up quite late the night before getting some extra cards finished just in case), and I am so glad I did it! Some of the other crafters there were veterans, and were very smart in their use of levels. I, on the other hand, had a simple yellow tablecloth and used the only container I had as a raised display for two cards. Note the mini business cards that I made myself. They are nothing fancy, but it’s a nice tag to have when I bundle up my card packages together.

I’ve really taken to this one technique of using the erasers on the backs of pencils as stamps, and I have been doing whole collections with this aesthetic.

Something else I really like is using triangles of paper to create this overlapping look. I love the different colours and patterns!

And of course, seeing as how Christmas is not too far away, how could I not do some holiday cards!

If you are in the Kingston area and would like me to make some cards for you, please feel free to send me an email. The price per card ranges from $1.50 for simple stamp-only cards to $2.50 for more crafted cards.


3 thoughts on “My First Ever Craft Show

    1. I cannot wait either! :) I got orders for Christmas cards (assorted), thank you cards (stamp collection) and an engagement card (which I regretfully did not take a picture of, but which was also a circle stamp card). Needing some of your creative energy though for sure :P

      1. So proud of you!!! I still can’t seem to get my head around doing series lol. I came close with my last few sets (see blog) but still… I get too antsy and want to switch things up LOL

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