The Problem with Smartphones

If you read my blog, you will discover that I love my iPhone. It is a wonderful piece of technology that makes my life extremely easy. However, it does pose a few problems, and the most prominent problem for me is photography.

“Why do you say that, Cat?” you might ask. “iPhones make taking pictures so easy!” And that, my friend, is the biggest problem.

This technology makes it so simple to take a picture that it happens all too often. I will snap a shot of something cool here or something nice there. When there’s something on my screen that I want to capture, pressing the lock and home buttons together gives me another picture! I have too many pictures. Then, when I go to organize them, it takes forever, and I find myself not returning to them very often. What pushed me over the line was seeing this post in my reader, which suggests I should take a picture every time I lend someone something. Where would that picture even go?

I know there are apps and what not to organize my photos, but I find the sheer quantity and sometimes less than great quality makes the task daunting. I am finding myself deleting pictures now more than ever. But I am curious – what do you do with your iPhone photos?


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