Biking at Night

I love biking, but up until yesterday, I could only bike during the day. I didn’t have the right gear. That restriction is now a thing of the past, as I have fitted Pansy (and myself) with objects to keep us safe.

First things first, it is important to have a headlight and a rear light (like the one below). It is even better when that rear light has different settings so that it can be flashing or blinking when you are riding. I picked up a simple bike light combo at Canadian Tire for under $20, and proceeded to mount the hardware onto my bike that day. My only complain with my Supercycle headlight is that it is not bright enough for my liking. The rear light is fantastic.

I also outfitted myself with flashing lights to draw attention to my existence. That’s right – I bought a jacket that has flashing LED lights. It charges via USB which you can plug into your computer, and you can choose to turn on the strip on the front of your jacket, the back of your jacket, or both. My dad, who also loves biking, kept urging me to get a reflective construction vest, but this jacket (my pink Women’s Sonic HDX ViZipro by Saucony, to be exact)  is definitely cooler. It is meant to be a running jacket, but I am going to use it for biking. It cost me a pretty penny at Sportchek, but I think it is totally worth it.

Last but not least, I wanted to be extra safe by purchasing two reflective ankle bands to keep my pants out of the way as well as to catch the attention of anyone who missed all the flashing lights. My legs will not be pumping fast enough to give off any cool circular illusions, but the bands will do the trick nonetheless.

So with all of those things in place, I am now ready to extend my biking to darker times. If you see me, or any other lovely bikers on the road, I ask you please to give us a little extra room. Thank you kindly!


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